American Idol 9 Finale: The Winner Is…

Another season, another winner. Considering the finale was over two hours, it flew by pretty fast. Though the star power cumulatively wasn’t as strong as in previous years (some of the performances were completely random), the producers managed to keep it interesting with hilarious and touching moments. With it being Simon Cowell’s last night, the evening seemed more like a principal’s retirement party than declaring a winner. Announcing the winner almost seemed like an afterthought.

Given the fact Fox was prompt with uploading pictures to their press site, I thought I’d recap the night utilizing the many images rather than with a thousand word post. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so consider this my 20,000 word thesis on the finale.

Season nine’s top 12 reunited to perform the rebellious school anthem “School’s Out” with Alice Cooper. Loved the whole slutty private school look everyone was sporting.

Reigning American Idol champ Kris Allen sang his single “The Truth

Siobhan and Aaron singing a duet with The Bee Gees was one of the oddest matches of the night. At least they sang my favorite Bee Gees’ song- “How Deep Is Your Love

Out of all the duets, this one was BY FAR the most random. I love Michael McDonald, but couldn’t the producers find a better fit for Michael Lynche? Or was this, one of the last minute changes due to Adam Lambert’s performance being canceled due to Lambert’s inability to make rehearsals?

This comedic bit was a complete FAIL. I didn’t find any of Dane Cook’s jokes amusing. The best and funniest part of this skit was when some of the more notable rejectees and personalities joined him on stage like Tatianna Del Toro, Nick Gentle and Ian Bernardo.

Say what you will about Xtina, but she totally killed it tonight during her performance of “You Lost Me“. When she’s on, she’s out of this world. Speaking of being on. During the Christina Medley of “Fighter” and “Beautiful” by the Top 12 ladies, Paige and Katie were amazing. Why couldn’t they perform that well, when they were competing? Had they done so, this could’ve been the year of the ladies as the judges had predicted early in the season.

I ADORE HALL & OATES. The boys did well with their mashup of “Can’t Go For That“, “Maneater” and “You Make My Dreams“. Ever since I saw “500 Days of Summer“, the musical bit in the movie is all I think of whenever I hear the latter song.

When Crystal started singing “Ironic“, you new it would only be seconds til Alanis Morissette would show up. And right on cue, the Canadian popped up. This duet made the most sense out of all the night’s combos. I love Alanis but… Crystal out-Alanised Alanis on “You Oughta Know“.

The most successful Idol thus far proved why she holds that title. She looked gorgeous while belting “Undo It“- a song she co-wrote with Kara DioGuardi.

In one of the most awesome moments of the night, Bret Michaels joined Casey James to belt out “Every Rose Has Its Thorn“. After his near-death experience, Bret is on a career high. With winning “Celebrity Apprentice” earlier this week and now appearing on the Idol Finale, Bret is taking advantage of his new-found notoriety.

Teaming up Lee DeWyze with Chicago just because he’s from Chicago was the lamest reason for putting them together. Oh well, I guess it makes more sense than the Michael McDonald/Big Mike Combo. Unless they did it because they share the same first name, which BTW would be utterly lame.

Season three joke William Hung joining season nine “Pants on the Ground” singer Larry Platt was absolute comedic genius. Take note, Dane Cook.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE that Paula came back to honor Cowell. As much as tonight was for Simon, with Paula coming back, it also gave closure to Abdul’s abrupt departure as well. The show will truly not be the same without Simon nor Paula. It’s truly an end of an era.

All the Idol winners reuniting to salute Cowell with “Together We Are One” was very moving. To be perfectly honest, I got a tad misty during this part. It was also pretty amazing to see some of the more notable competitors from the previous years join the Idol winners. They had people from Justin Guarini, my friend Kimberly Caldwell to Mikalah Gordon and many more in between. Noticeably absent was season seven winner, David Cook. Apparently he was in Kansas City for a cancer benefit.

Janet appearing on the stage to sing “Again” with the season’s Top 12 completely surprised me. She looks FIERCE with her new shorter ‘do.

I LOVE Janet so much, I had to devote two pictures to Miss Jackson. After singing her new single “Nothing“, she brought it ol’ skool style with “Nasty“. At 44, the girl proved she can still strut it like no other. How sexy did she look tonight?

And finally, what we’ve been waiting for all season. Who’ll get doused with confetti? Crystal or Lee?

America, here is your season nine winner… Lee DeWyze. It was absolutely adorable how emotional he got when he heard the good news.

In Idol tradition, Lee sang his coronation song, the cover of U2’s “Beautiful Day“. I hope next season, they bring back the tradition of original coronation songs. Reviewing the finale without ragging on the Idol’s first single isn’t the same.

As much as I wanted Crystal Bowersox to win, I can live with a Lee DeWyze win. Had not David Cook or Kris Allen won the previous two years, I could’ve enjoyed his triumph more. Having three straight white male winners in a row, isn’t the best for the Idol brand. Traditionally, female winners sell far more records than the men. Will Lee sell more records than Crystal post-Idol or will Mamasox be like Lambert and fare better than that season’s winner? Only time will tell. “Th-Th-Th-Th-Th-That’s all, folks!”

Yay for me. Even though I hoped Crystal would win, I correctly predicted Lee would be crowned the winner. My record for the finals now stands at 6-4 and my overall record is at a passing 11-11 record. Hopefully I’ll do much better next year.



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  • Jared

    This was definitely an amazing finale, and I only watched it because Simon was leaving. But it was worth watching. I’m incredibly disappointed that Crystal didn’t win though, because she has consistently been the best of the two since auditions. The Idol Phenomenon continues, and Crystal will probably be able to do more and sell more without having to worry about idol contractual obligations.

  • Anthony

    I literally pooed myself when Kelly came on stage.

  • I could not BELIEVE when he won. His final 3 performances BLEW as his emotions continually got the best of him (as they once again did during the final moments of the show).
    It’s 3 monstrously similar winners in a row which makes me think that the voting population of the US is really not changing and that blows so i’m hoping Jared’s right and this is the Lambert vs. Allen curse of winning where the runner up ends up being the run-away success story and i think it might go that way.
    So for now, i’ll say congrats on getting out of the controlling record label restrictions Crystal- you were by far the better performer and singer.

    And dono, you were so right on the out-alanising, she didn’t seem to be trying all that much.
    I loved that Kimberly was out there looking exactly like she did during our interview 😛
    The production value of this finale was pretty above and beyond so i’ll give them an A for effort on that.