American Idol 9: Exit Song Revealed


After using American Idol alums for the past few years to serenade eliminated contestants, the producers have selected another artist to do the job this year. However, it’s not too far of a stretch since Will Young won the first season of Pop Idol, the show American Idol is based from.

Whether you like it or not, Will Young’s “Leave Right Now” will get in your head despite your best efforts to avoid it. That’s how Daniel Powter’s ubiquitous “Bad Day” became such a huge hit when it was used for Idol season five. In everyones defense, watching the cheesy montage about the contestant’s journey while being ushered out can sometimes be a tear jerker.

Though, the title sounds a bit harsh when compared to songs of season’s past, I think it’s very appropriate. Just take look at these sample lyrics.

“I think I better leave right now. I’m feeling weaker and weaker. Somebody better show me out. Before I fall any deeper. I think I better leave right now.”

What did you think of the song selection? How does it stack to previous Idol sign off tunes? I personally would love it if the producers chose JoJo’s “Leave (Get Out)” as the exit song.

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