Apologies for the delayed American Idol recap. I injured myself on the swings while babysitting my niece yesterday. Don’t ask what happened. It’s far too embarrassing. Sufficed to say, I iced my poor self last night and fell asleep while watching my shows. I’m going to keep this short and sweet.

Before we get to the performances, can we talk about Harry Connick Jr? This guy needs to be on the judging panel next season. He’s not afraid to tell the contestants how it is, or the other judges. Loved that he called out Randy Jackson for his often contradictory critiques. Their debate was great to watch. Nicki Minaj’s facial expressions during it were everything. Nigel Lythgoe, make Harry happen next year. Don’t you agree?

This week, the girls sang two songs apiece- a song from “now” and standards from “then.” To be perfectly honest, none of them blew me away tonight. I think the nerves got to the better of some, while the others were thinking way too much about the end game. Check out their performances below.

American Idol 12 Top 4 Performances

Angie Miller

Song: “Diamonds”
Original Artist: Rihanna

Song: “Someone To Watch Over Me”
Composer: Ira Gershwin

I agree with a couple of the judges that her Rihanna cover was beautiful but a tad on the boring side. It just didn’t go anywhere. With regards to her second performance, Nicki hit the nail on the head… she’s a live action Disney character come to life. With all that being said, Angie was the best tonight IMHO.

Amber Holcomb

Song: “Just Give Me A Reason”
Original Artist: P!nk

Song: “My Funny Valentine”
Composer: Richard Rodgers

Oh Amber… this girl needs someone on her team to pick the right songs for her post-Idol because during her run on the show, she’s made consistently bad choices. What was she thinking picking a song she didn’t really know. Her Pink cover had potential (i.e. her coaching session with Harry Connick Jr.) but she just seemed defeated performing it on the live show. Her second song pick wasn’t any better. Regardless of who they are, I always find it cheating picking a previously performed song. However, I will agree that with Harry’s notes “My Funny Valentine” was even better the second time around.

Candice Glover

Song: “When I Was Your Man”
Original Artist: Bruno Mars

Song: “You’ve Changed”
Composer: Bill Carey and Carl Fischer

Personally, I didn’t get her Bruno Mars cover. I found it a tad overdone. Since her epic “Lovesong” cover, Candice has been trying really hard to replicate that performance with her vocal acrobatics. Sometimes less is more. Though her second song had her usual runs, I found it more restrained and enjoyable. Side note: It was nice to see her in a dress instead of her signature leather jacket and tight pants ensemble.

Kree Harrison

Song: “See You Again”
Original Artist: Carrie Underwood

Song: “Stormy Weather”
Composer: Harold Arlen and Ted Koehler

Surprise! Kree picked Carrie for her “Now” song. It was pretty but didn’t connect with me. As the weeks go on, I’m losing more and more interest in Kree and actually not rooting for her. With that in mind, I was impressed with her standards performance. I’m not sure what the judges were smoking but I loved it. Too bad she didn’t keep it as simple as she did during her mentoring session with Harry. That was gorgeous.

Group Performance

Where in the hell did this come from? Love Little Mix, but this was totally random. From the X Factor-looking dancing rejects to the dance choreography, I was WTF’ing the entire time it was on. Don’t you agree?

Sadly, I think my Amber is going home. It just seemed like her heart wasn’t in it anymore. She might stay due to her Jasmine Trias (Season 3) crying breakdown on stage, but I don’t think it’s enough. She’s a goner. I don’t think they’ll do a Bottom 2 this week. But if they do, I think Candice could be in danger once again. I just have a feeling her votes from last week were that low.

What do you think of the performances this week? Who should go home? Who will go home? Do you think Nigel Lythgoe should begin courting Connick Jr. to join the panel next season? Sound off below.