No surprise here. The men disappointed just like they did last week. There isn’t one guy in the lot I can see taking the Season 12 title. Are these really the best from this year’s crop? I think Nigel Lythgoe and company are trying their hardest to ensure a girl wins American Idol this year. Chances are good considering there isn’t one WGWG (white guy with guitar) in sight.

On a similar note, do you get the feeling the the show is also trying their best to dispel discrimination claims. Earlier this year, nine African-American Idol contestants including Corey Clark (Season 2), Jaered Andrews (Season 2), Donnie Williams (Season 3), Terrell Brittenum (Season 5), Derrell Brittenum (Season 5), Thomas Daniels (Season 6), Akron Watson (Season 6), Ju’Not Joyner (Season 8) and Chris Golightly (Season 9) accused the show of racism and stated the show exploited its black male contestants.

Last year, the show also received criticism that there was only one visible minority (Jessica Sanchez) in the Top 12 women. Clearly, that’s not an issue this year. Seven out of the Top 10 girls are women of color. Same goes for the men’s side as well. In fact, if you look at all the four shows during the Sudden Death rounds, all the pimp spots were occupied by African American contestants. It could be purely a coincidence, but as we all know… Nigel’s moves are always calculated and well thought out. Enough of all the WGWG and race conspiracy theories, let’s get on with the performances. Be sure to drink a Red Bull or two before watching a couple of them. Total snoozefests.

Mathenee Treco

Song: A Little Less Conversation
Original Artist: Elvis Presley

Really, an Elvis song for Las Vegas week??? How cliché. It looked like he was auditioning for So You Think You Can Dance instead of trying to win American Idol. Either way, no dice. Hated the entire thing and glad to see him go. Side note: Does anyone else think of Mean Girls when you hear the name Mathenee? Yes, I know Tim Meadows’ nephew was named Anfernee, but close enough :)

Gurpreet Singh Sarin

Song: Nothing Ever Hurt Like You
Original Artist: James Morrison

The Turbanator exploded on stage. Contrary to the song title, this performance hurt me mucho. I was really rooting for Gurpreet, but this thing was a big ol’ snoozefest. Thought he was a shoo-in, but he definitely screwed himself. Like Keith Urban, I wish he had played his guitar as he did during Hollywood week.

Vincent Powell

Song: Cause I Love You
Original Artist: Lenny Williams

Someone please tell Vincent he’s not Marvin Gaye. No one wants to be sexually healed by him. Well, maybe except for Zoanette who was going cray cray in the audience. I think the camera spent more time on her than on Vincent. Vocally it was good, but it didn’t excite me. Thought he was trying way too hard. Sucks that we have to endure at least another week of him.

Nick Boddington

Song: Say Something Now
Original Artist: James Morrison

Normally, picking a James Morrison track goes a long way with me. But just like Gurpreet, Nick’s cover is another sleep-inducing mess. It was fitting the final slot in the Top 20 came down between Gurpeet and himself. Personally, I could’ve gone either way with the decision. Both are guaranteed to bring an assortment of headwear for their weekly performances.

Josh Holiday

Song: Better with You
Original Artist: Josh Holiday (original song)

Clearly, Josh was trying to have an Angela Miller-type moment with his original song. Epic fail. Such a shame that he chose to leave the piano and go all drunk white boy dancing at a wedding on us. Given that he’s a vocal coach, didn’t you find it odd that he was breathing every few words. Halfway through the show, and not one single standout. This sucks.

David Oliver Willis

Song: Fever
Original Artist: Little Willie John

FINALLY, someone I could get excited about. Love his back story and his bluesy take on this classic track. Even loved the whole vintage pimp retro look he was sporting. I was shocked the judges weren’t going ape sh*t on this. It was fantastic. Didn’t agree with Nicki Minaj’s dribble about something Christmas-related. How David Willis was passed over is beyond me. Biggest ROB of the season to date.

Bryant Tadeo

Song: New York State of Mind
Original Artist: Billy Joel

Even though the hand gestures were a tad much (it’s like he was signing), I thought Bryant killed it. Once again, I was floored the judges weren’t loving it. Hawaiian dude was better than the first five contestants combined. The audience agreed as well. Their collective disappointment when the judges eliminated him was quite audible. If there was room for one token Asian, I much prefer Bryant over Elijah Liu. The latter’s performance last week was one hot mess.

Burnell Taylor

Song: This Time
Original Artist: John Legend

Props on losing the weight. Burnell looked fantastic. Some might find his spastic arm movements a bit too much, but I loved them. I’m a sucker for diva theatricality. While I don’t agree with Nicki that he was the best of the night, he’s definitely Top 3. Given the awfulness tonight, that isn’t too much of a feat. That said, I really do like Burnell. Hope he makes it far.

Lazaro Arbos

Song: Tonight I Wanna Cry
Original Artist: Keith Urban

By far the one I was most looking forward to tonight. Sadly, it wasn’t all that great. I thought the key was too low for him. Definitely picked the wrong song. Even Keith who wrote it stated the same thing. Lazaro needs to stick to his wheelhouse- big diva ballads. He could’ve farted his entire song and would’ve advanced. No shocker that he’s back next week. Clearly a judge and fan favorite.

Cortez Shaw

Song: Titanium
Original Artist: David Guetta feat. Sia

I really don’t like this guy. He comes off way too cocky and doesn’t have the goods to back it up. Sure, he can hit the high and money notes, but he’s beyond pitchy everywhere else. How he made it over David Willis, Bryant Tadeo or even Turbanator is beyond me.

What do you think of tonight’s performances? Who was the most robbed? Is production trying to stack the odds way too much for a girl to win this year? Will you miss a WGWG in the finale? Do you think producers are trying to hard to respond to discrimination claims? Sound off below.