Say what you will about American Idol’s relevancy but no other show has produced such a roster of bona fide music superstars. Just watch the first few minutes of the 12th season premiere and you’ll see exactly this in black and white (or should I say in color). Last year’s winner, Phillip Phillips, further punctuates the show’s ability to create stars. His coronation song sold over 3,000,000 million downloads. I’m sure that number is bigger than any of the winners from any other talent show around. Sure, the ratings aren’t nowhere near what they used to be, but it still trounced both The Voice and The X Factor last season. Whether that remains true this season, we’ll have to wait til May. I’m still a fan even though it’s lost its watercooler buzz and has a bunch of haters. I’ll be forever grateful for introducing me to the goddess that is Kelly Clarkson.

The biggest questions going into the new season was how the show was going to handle two bigger-than-life diva attitudes, exactly what Nigel Lythgoe is going to air from that infamous yelling match between the ladies and if it was all real or just drummed up for publicity. Based on last night’s episode, I’d say these ladies truly do not get along. From the slight digs, eye-rolling, and British-off (you have to see it, to believe it), Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj definitely aren’t each other’s in case of emergency contacts. Meanwhile, poor Keith Urban was stuck in the middle. There’s no way in hell he’s getting compensated nearly enough to deal with this headache.

Overall though, individually, they did well with their first outing as judges. Mariah seemed genuinely interested in finding true talent. Because she’s not that great of an actress: Exhibit A Glitter. From the looks of it, she’s taking her new role seriously. Given that she’s known for her divas ways, she was always respectful and friendly to all the contestants. Once Nicki toned down her serious hate for Mariah, she came off playful and fun. The “Superbass” rapper is much more likable when she’s not sparring with Mimi. Keith offered very well-thought out comments and was the voice of reason in this circus. Hopefully, all three continue to get more comfortable with their role as judges and don’t become the next Britney Spears and regurgitate a handful of preplanned critiques. Without further ado, check out my favorite moments from American Idol Season 12’s first episode below.

Angela Miller

Cute girl and heartwarming back story (overcoming pronounced hearing loss) with a beautiful tone. If she doesn’t flame out in Hollywood, girlfriend can be a contender.

Sarah Restuccio

Who knew the “Blueberry Capital of The World” was located in Hammonton, NJ? Definitely not me. That is until native Sarah Restuccio educated the panel and the whole world. Her country performance wasn’t anything memorable, but she surprised everyone, most notably Minaj, when she got gangsta and rapped “Superbass.” Not surprisingly after that, Nicki championed her til she received her golden ticket.

Tenna Torres

Luckily for Mariah Carey, Tenna Torres could actually sing. When she was a teen she attended Camp Mariah. Imagine if she had sucked like all those contestants who claimed they bought Paula Abdul & Randy Jackson’s singing DVD. LOL. Carey definitely shined during this segment. Her interaction with Tenna was charming. I predict a long run for Miss Torres.

Gurpreet Singh Sarin

When he called himself the “Turbanator,” I prepared myself for a trainwreck. Up to that point, most of the ethnic minorities were receiving the William Hung edit. LOL. Liked his soft tender performing style, but loved it when he went all Indian Classical on the the judges. Even though I’m sure the show will receive complaints for being politically incorrect by changing Gurpreet’s turban color multiple times, I laughed out loud during that moment. It was so wrong, but hilarious.

Shira Gavrielov

Ignore the extremely short slutty shorts, but this former Israeli pop star has decent pipes. She needs to harness it a bit better though. Totally agree with Nicki that Amy Winehouse’s “Valerie” was the perfect choice for her.

Evan Ruggiero

The second this cute WGWG (white guy with guitar) popped up, I was ready to have a hate on him. I like Phillips but I don’t think I could handle another WGWG winning American Idol. It’s time for another girl to win. Can you believe Jordin Sparks (Season 6) was the last female winner? That said, Ruggiero won my heart with his touching backstory about being diagnosed with Osteosarcoma at the age of nineteen. Given the air time, I thought for sure he was going through.

Ashlee Feliciano

Even though Ashlee received the coveted final slot, I don’t think she’s going to make it far. The producers clearly wanted to end the show on a sentimental touching note. Feliciano’s parents are truly remarkable to take in in-need foster kids to raise along with their biological siblings. That blond kid with the glasses was totes adorable.

Mariah Carey & Nicki Minaj Have A Brit-off

This is the most ridiculous SLASH hilarious montage I’ve seen on Idol in a long time. Check out Mariah and Nicki channeling their inner British Madonna.

What did you think of the season premiere? Do you like the chemistry of the new panel? Which audition stood out the most for you? Sound off below.