American Idol 12: Oklahoma City Auditions

If American Idol producers had any hopes of finding another Carrie Underwood at the Oklahoma City auditions, they were sorely disappointed. Based on the talent shown, there wasn’t even a Sanjaya Malakar or even a William Hung out of the bunch.

This episode is exactly what I dislike about this phase of the competition. Out of the 45 Golden Ticket recipients, Nigel Lythgoe only chose to air these seven. RIDICULOUS. I honestly debated whether to even write this post. I was that annoyed. Thankfully, we’re entering Hollywood Week and won’t have to endure this again til Season 13.

I swear to God, the judges were either smoking something or their Coca-Cola glasses were filled with something alcoholic. I couldn’t fathom why certain people advanced to Hollywood. Sure, some of the #idolinspire backstories were heartwarming, but this is American Idol and not Make A Wish Foundation. And don’t even get me started on the ones who got through based on their gimmick or over-the-top personalities. The best part of the episode was the last audition which came from a surprise guest– a former American Idol judge. Find out who below.

American Idol 12 Oklahoma City Auditions

Karl Skinner

No gimmick and no talent, yet he got a Golden Ticket. If I was someone talented and received a “no” in another city, I would’ve been pissed watching this.

Nate Tao

Yes, his backstory about having deaf parents was touching, but didn’t Idol already exploit this already back in Season 1. Jim Verraros, anyone? Out of the ones shown tonight, IMHO, he was the best, but that’s not saying much.

Halie Hilburn

As a ventriloquist, Halie was great. But when your puppet sings better than you, it’s time to stick to your day job.

Zoanette Johnson

Without a doubt, this was the biggest head-scratcher out of the lot. If you’re at all patriotic, you would’ve kicked this chick out of the room before the bombs started bursting in the air.

Anastacia Freeman

Best part of the audition was when she ragged on never liking Nicki’s music and vowing never to listen to Mariah again. Reminded me a lot of rejected contestants from the first few season of Idol. Note to Lythgoe: That “cheap dramatization” was not cute nor funny.

Kayden Stephenson

Not to seem cold-hearted but clearly we all know why Kayden received a Gold Ticket, right? Normally, I would be on board too, but I was beyond bitter by the time his audition aired. Not watching at least one outstanding performance in fifty minutes would do that to you.

Steven Tyler

I wonder if Tyler showed up before or after he publicly dissed Nicki Minaj for being on the panel? Would explain a bit of that cold reception from Minaj. Too bad, Tyler didn’t at least sing a couple of notes.

Did you watch this painful episode of American Idol? Are you looking forward to the drama of Hollywood Week? Do you think we’ve already seen this year’s winner? Sound off below.

  • Crystal

    Karl Skinner was definitely not the best audition but he wasn’t worst one I’ve seen this season either. I was just really confused by what he was trying to portray in the audition room and honestly I couldn’t take him seriously. The same thing happened with Zoannette because she blew me away with how far she was from decent. I don’t want to be mean but I’m a music lover and I’m just being honest. My DISH co-worker says that she’ll just be crushed when she doesn’t make it any further than the next round and I have to agree. Sometimes I don’t get the motivation behind the judges’ decisions. I guess all I can do is sit back and watch. I’ve been a loyal viewer of the show and it airs when I’m at work so I’ve got my DISH Hopper prepared to record the show for me. Thanks to the PrimeTime Anytime feature I don’t have to worry about setting timers. It automatically records my favorite shows in prime time on ABC, CBS, FOX, and NBC seven days a week.