My favorite part of every American Idol season is finally here. It’s Hollywood Week which means bring on the drama. The first episode of this phase certainly didn’t disappoint. Loved that for the first time, the boys and girls were separated for this round. This week we get the boys, and the girls the following week. Finally a call from Nigel Lythgoe I’m on board with.

To amp up the drama factor even more, producers Lythgoe and Ken Warwick had the brilliant idea of putting the groups together instead of letting the contestants control their own destiny. Clearly, when they assembled some of the teams they were hoping for conflict and hilarious situations. Cue group called Country Queens. They consisted of a couple of country bumpkins with two of the gayest singers ever to compete on the show. The gays came armed with glitter, fur vests, heels and makeup. Hilariously enough, the two queens advanced. LOL.

Besides the drama, another thing I love about Hollywood Week is seeing the arrogance of some of the contestants getting the better of them. Those who claim they won’t forget the words only to do so a few minutes later always cracks me up. I have to admit, I relish seeing them get the boot. Only 43 contestants survived the group round and will return tomorrow for the solo performances. Only 20 male singers will advance to the next phase. Check out all the group performances below.

American Idol 12 Hollywood Week – Boys Group Performances

Country Queens

Members: JDA, Joel Wayman, Trevor Blakney, and Lee Pritchard

The Taylors

Members: Paul Jolley, Will White, Clint Belew and Steven Curd

Young Love

Members: Cortez Shaw, Zach Birnbaum, Nate Tao and Elijah Liu

The Four Tones

Members: Micah Johnson, Vincent Powell, Marvin Calderon, and David Willis


Members: Adam Sanders, Papa Peachez, Frankie Ford, and Charles Allen

The Couch Potatoes

Members: Charlie Askew, Nicholas Mathis and Curtis Finch Jr.


Members: David Leathers Jr., Kevin Quinn, Kayden Stephenson, and Sanni M’mairura

The Mathheads

Members: Mathenee Treco, Gabe Brown, Nick Boddington, and Matheus Fernandes

Normal Hills

Members: Kareem Clark, Johnny Keyser, Kevin Harris and Kenny Harrison

B Side

Members: Gurpreet Singh Sarin (aka The Turbanator), Mark LaDuke, Chris Watson and Peter Garrett

Heart Beat

Members: Devon Jones, Devin Velez, Ryan Connor Smith, and Adrien Madison


Members: Burnell Taylor, Darien Moses, Mario Jose, and Tony Foster Jr.

Super 55

Members: Lazaro Arbos, Josh Stephens, Scott Fleenor, and Christian Lopez

Cortez Shaw Tackles Whitney Houston

I didn’t include any of the solo performances, but just had to share this fool. Bitch, you ain’t Whitney Houston. Props for Nicki Minaj for calling him out on it. Speaking of Minaj, I have to say, I really enjoyed her this episode. She was playful and looked like she was having lots of fun. Keep it up girl.

Which group performance was your favorite? Which eliminated singer are you going to miss? Who are you rooting for? Sound off below.