Can you believe we’re already into week three of the auditions. January just flew by so fast. Pretty soon, we’ll be crowning the winner of the 12th season of American Idol.

On Wednesday night’s episode, the happy foursome were in San Antonio and Long Beach. I’m so glad they split the two-hour episode between two auditions cities. I really enjoyed last Thursday’s night fast-paced one hour show. When producers only have a limited time to air auditions, they tend to show the more memorable ones and less of the jokers looking for their fifteen two minutes of fame. In addition, Nigel focuses less on the judges and more on the talent.

With that being said, there was a bit of judging drama. Mariah was late arriving on set in Long Beach due to LA traffic, while Nicki was MIA for a good portion of the day due to a prior engagement with the American Music Awards. Depending on how you see it, folks in some instances were lucky to only audition for Keith Urban and Randy Jackson. Check out a few people who stood out during the San Antonio and Long Beach stops below.

Vincent Powell

Didn’t recognize him from last season, but apparently he made it to Hollywood week. Good voice, but a little forgettable. Don’t think he’ll improve on his showing from last year.

Victoria Acosta

Out of all the girls featured in San Antonio, Victoria was in a different league. Her Fergie cover was a bit shaky and emotionless, but when she sang in Spanish, it was a whole different story. Sadly for the Mariachi singer, I don’t Nigel Lythgoe will have Latin music as a theme each week.

Papa Peachez

I was ready to write him off as one of those annoying filler auditions, but there was something oddly fascinating about him. I’m not sure why Nicki was so in his corner though. I agree with Randy (for once) that a bit of vocal training will do him good. And also a haircut 😉

Micah Johnson

Not going to lie, but the minute he told his story about a tonsillectomy gone wrong, my heart bled. I can’t imagine going in for a routine surgery and coming out with a speech impediment. But just like Lazaro Arbos in the Chicago auditions, Micah slayed it when he sang. It’s amazing how the human brain works.

Sanni M’mairura

Love this kid. He’s like a young Michael Jackson with an Usher edge. He could ease off on the runs and riffs, but otherwise perfection.

Adam Sanders

I can’t believe the voice and range that comes out of this guy. I thought he was going to be one of those joke auditions, given that he wasn’t given much of a backstory. Boy, was I wrong. This 19-year-old is insanely talented. A little too diva-influenced, but great nonetheless.

Shubha Vedula

Shubha was lucky enough, or unlucky depending on your view, to only audition for Keith and Randy. Within a few seconds, it wasn’t hard to tell who her musical influences were. Girlfriend channeled Christina Aguilera from head to toe. This chick is a serious contender.

Matt Farmer

Wasn’t really feeling him until he began to sing. Totally agree with Keith Urban that he has this Gavin DeGraw quality in his voice. That said, I think he’ll blend in during Hollywood week and won’t make it far. His daughter, on the other hand, was beyond adorable. Someone cast this girl in commercials stat.

Jesaiah Baer

Despite a fire alarm interrupting her audition (cue Minaj’s “Pound The Alarm“), Jesaiah slayed her audition. Her Kimbra cover reminded me a bit of Paris Bennett’s unforgettable audition from Season 5. Love that whole jazzy vibe she was giving off.

Rachel Hale

Truth be told, I couldn’t stand this perky country girl when she was talking. It seemed so disingenuous and fake. Lucky for her, she has a killer voice. It was deeper and richer than I would’ve guessed. Best country singer of the season so far. She just needs to tone down the perkiness.

Briana Oakley

Briana was the subject of bullying after appearing as a talented kid on the Maury Povich Show. I wonder why? Was it because she was talented, and those bitches at her school were just jealous? Or was it because she picked a lame show like Maury’s to appear on? LOL. I kid. In all seriousness though, she’s a great talent. Reminded me of an unpolished Jordin Sparks. Don’t you agree?

Matheus Fernandes

It was time for another #idolinspire time. This time it came from pint-sized Matheus. Given his small stature, I wasn’t expecting his voice to be so huge. Apparently, good things do come in small packages. On a side note, he looked familiar but I just couldn’t place him. After a little Google search, I remembered he competed on the first season of The Glee Project where he was the fifth one eliminated. I wonder why the producers didn’t mention that given that Glee airs after Idol on Thursdays.

Typically, I fast-forward through the awful auditions. All the attention-seeking famewhores with their gimmicks really annoy me. That said, I do enjoy watching the auditions where they really think they can sing, but can’t. Gotta love the delusional. I especially like it when Idol packages them neatly into one quick montage. Check out these vocally-challenged individuals.

What did you think of the San Antonio and Long Beach auditions? Did anyone impress you? Do you think Mariah, Keith and Minaj are getting comfortable with their new roles? Sound off below.