Tonight’s episode is why I have a love-hate relationship with American Idol. If the girls are supposed to be far superior to the boys this year, why only dedicate an hour to show the “best Hollywood solo performances” ever? Correction. Nigel only gave them 3/4 of the show and allotted some time for the boys’ Top 20 eliminations and sing-off.

Speaking of sing-off, why are the judges putting two poor girls and guys up against each other to determine the last spot for each gender? I’m sure this could’ve been achieved without torturing the contestants one last time. Sometimes the show can be so cruel. I digress.

What Nigel did show was pretty effin’ amazing. Based on what they showed tonight, it’s clear that production has favorites and trying to pimp them hardcore. Not that I mind, because for the most part, I’m loving the girls they’re showing, especially Angela Miller. All I have to say is “WOW“. Check her performance below along with the others, including the aforementioned sing-offs.

Angela Miller

Angela was one of the girls who took a risk by playing an original song. The risk paid off in spades. Nicki disclosed that Angela wasn’t even on their radar, but after this, she’s at the top of the class. Based on this career-making performance, this Miley Cyrus look-a-like is a sure thing for a Top 10 placement.

Candice Glover and Janelle Arthur

Clearly, Candice and Janelle are Nigel’s pets. At every stage of the process so far, their performances have aired. I can’t say the same for Jett Hermano, Kamaria Ousley or Jenny Beth Willis. Who? Exactly. I rest my case. That said, I did enjoy Glover’s cover of “Girl On Fire” (Alicia Keys) and Arthur’s take on “I Told You So” (Carrie Underwood).

Shubha Vedula and Juliana Chahayed

Unlike the aforementioned Glover and Arthur, these two haven’t been shown nearly as much. It’s a shame because both these ladies are serious contenders. Sucks Idol only showed a clip of Vedula’s “When You Believe” and Chahayed’s “Landslide.” Side note: How interesting is it these two were paired up? Not implying anything, but their names are definitely not middle America 😉

Kree Harrison

Holy crap, where have they been hiding this chick. Kree’s rendition of Grace Potter & The Nocturnals’ “Stars” was phenomenal. I already have too many girls I like, I can’t add another. But Kree is seriously making me reconsider my favorites list.

Melinda Ademi

I totally agree with Randy that all the mellow music was getting me down. Thankfully, Melinda spiced things up with her Jessie J cover. Love the whole neck-shoulder choreography as well. IMHO, Melinda is another sure thing for the Top 10.

Zoanette Johnson

I do admit I find Zoanette infectious and entertaining, but girlfriend has no business still being here. I expect to see this schtick during the audition rounds, but not this late in the game. Props for playing the drums, but for penning this ridiculous original song… should’ve been grounds for dismissal.

Kez Ban

She had no shot of winning this thing, let alone making it to the live rounds, but I genuinely liked this cray cray chick. I loved how she was hounding the cameras and Ryan for a job with production.

Ashlee Feliciano

If you compare her performance to Zoanette’s performance, Ashlee should’ve gone through. While I wasn’t a fan of that desperate falsetto at the end to gain fair with the judges, I thought her performance wasn’t bad. Much better than Zoanette’s.

Girls Sing-off – Stephanie Schimel & Rachel Hale

Note to Nigel: This isn’t The Voice. No need for a sing-off. Poor Stephanie. The way they dismissed her at the end was a bit cold. While Rachel killed it with her Haley Reinhart cover, Schimel’s take on Phillip Phillips “Home” was constrained and wonderful. Loved that key change.

Boys Sing-off – Adam Sanders & Josh Holiday

Unlike the girls’ sing-off, there was a clear cut favorite here. Josh Holiday had Adam Sanders beat by a mile. Note to Adam: If you’re going to take on Celine, make sure you hit the notes. A couple would’ve been nice 😉

Who do you think stole the show tonight? Who are you rooting for? Are you happy with the Top 20 boys and Top 20 girls? Are you ready for two weeks of Vegas rounds featuring the Top 40? Sound off below.