Well, last night we got to listen to the songs of the 80s and the whole thing was about as exciting as reading this sentence is… I know I’ve been called a catty bitch more than a couple times and told to shut up if I have nothing good to say but screw it, I’m still here ha. Point is, I’m staying around with the hopes that SOMEthing good gets proposed by the aging and out-of-touch producers at “American Idol” as they continue to attempt theme nights of aged singer song books and decades of limited relevance and then within those awful limitations choosing a litany of songs we’ve never heard of. This show has had such amazing moments over the last decade and I know it’s capable of great things so I’ll stay, keeping them honest and calling them on their laziness! Last night’s ridiculousness included crap by DeBarge (who?), lesser pics of Simply Red and 80s disco (seriously?) from Irene Cara… slow clap for those choices Idol. And as much as you have us watching the contestants “choose” their own songs, we just know that if they’re opting for bull like this that the list to go off of must be even more obscure. Okay, rant done, let’s get to what we’re here for!

Tonight is some personal pimping (yet again… wasn’t it about her TV show just a couple weeks ago and then her marriage the year before… Hey J Lo: how did those turn out?), by Ms. Lopez herself as she premieres “Dance Again” tonight. She looks great, but I’m wary to believe this one’s gonna be the one that puts her back on top, but we’ll see! On top of that we get previous Idol “failure” Kellie Pickler who proved you don’t need Idol’s number one slot to make it in the music world once the show ends and The Wanted performing tonight. Some decent bands tonight and a nice combo of pop, country and let’s go alt pop rock to make the evening appeal to a variety of peeps. But who cares about all that when there’s the elimination on the line! I’m hoping with all my might that it’s finally DeAndre Brackensick’s turn to step off though I’m worried for Hollie Cavanagh and as always Elise Testone. I think Hollie might earn the second chance from the judges if it gets that far but I doubt the other two would even be seriously considered for it. Let’s see what’s happened!

Recap Video of Last Night’s Performances

I wanted to first offer y’all a reminder of what went on last night as I realize more and more readers are just using the article as their source of viewing Idol and not the actual grueling 2 hour show itself (ugh, that’s my job haha). So, in case this wasn’t sitting on your PVR here’s a quick recap of what went on. You’ll notice some great performances by Elise and particularly that final big moment from Skylar and some perma-cuteness from my veiny boyfriend Phil- and some failures from DeAndre and Hollie. But, what did the voters remember?

Oh lord, first up is Jennifer showing off her hotsy totsy 24-year old bf which fair enough, you’re like what 50? Go for it. Dancers are not my bag… a little too “artistic” for me, but they certainly seem to have a body made for… let’s get back to the video shall we? It’s nearly naked with bodies on bodies, there’s jumping around and a lot of sparkling: pretty much what you’d expect from this lady. BLAH, nothing we haven’t seen: back to results, first up we have Joshua Ledet and Jessica Sanchez. Interestingly they’ve decided to pull up the kids according to the pairings they had during their meh-quality duets last night- good way to keep it interesting I say as oppose to their usual: “Let’s pull up 3 and 1 goes to the bottom” routine. We find out: Joshua stays; Jessica stays. No big surprise there, even though last night was neither of their best nights, they’re huge voices with apparent followings as neither has ever bottomed out as far as I can remember and of course I’m of the belief that Jess is taking this whole thing to the very top.

The very relevant “The Wanted” take the stage and perform their current big song “Glad You Came“.. subtle 😉 The live version of this isn’t exactly what I’d call pitch perfect but they put on a show and have a lot more variety in the age of their members then I remembered. The girls go wild as the bounce around slapping waving hands from the audience. The lead singer is actually OF AGE and therefore someone I can consider and does a sexy good job being cute and leading the vocals so “A” for effort on his part for sure. As they realize there’s way more entertainment booked than there is air time they rush the next results and bring up Skylar Laine and Colton Dixon as well as duet partners Hollie Cavanagh and DeAndre Brackensick. I really only want D to be going home from this bunch but the aged-lookin’ blond is definitely in trouble tonight after her blazee and much-criticized performance on Wednesday. We find out: DeAndre is Bottom Three (YAY!); Colton stays; Hollie is Bottom Three; Skylar stays. Dammmn, I might be getting better at this predicting thing. That said, I don’t think these results are gigantic shockers to anyone as the judges made it pretty strongly clear who they did and didn’t like last night and the voters saw the same things- or are at least voting the same way.

Next up is Kellie Pickler singing “Where’s Tammy Wynette”- god could a title BE more country- from her latest “100 Proof” album. We actually discussed this album in a recent Homorrazi video as I explained to Patrick what 100 Proof actually meant. She’s suuuuper country and sticks to that strongly in this performance as she does what she does and is great at it. Country is not my style per se, but I loves me some Dixie Chicks and there’s just something about a sweet country girl with a huge twang that gets to me. Apparently the album is a pretty decent hit and if this video appealed to ya then check it out. All I care about is the fact that they’re next up pitting crowd favourite and my boyfriend Phil Phils against poor Elise!

Pulling up Phil Phillips and Elise Testone to centre stage there’s REALLY no question where this evening is heading. Phil stays; Elise is Bottom Three. Un-shocker of all un-shockers I’m once again rolling my eyes at the voters as this girl absolutely murdered it last night. I posted the recap video at the top of this article in large part to remind you that she is not a Bottom Three contestant: she is talent, maturity and stage presence and this show just does not have a spot for her. I’m hoping against hope though that it’s finally crap singer DeAndre who’s at the bottom of the bottom and that my girl gets to shine another day.

As they centre on the three lowest we find out: Hollie stays; Elise stays; DeAndre is sent home. BAM BAM BAM!!! Someone made a wish on a shooting star and it was me! He gets told (oh my god I’m loving this) that they will NOT be saving him either. A collective sigh of relief is heard all across America as this unworthy performer is finally told to get a packin’ and the show suddenly raises in cred by leaps and bounds. I may sound callous as some teen’s dreams shatter but he’ll be FINE out there with thousands of girls in love with him: he just was not as talented as the rest of these kids and needed to hear it once and for all. I need the voters to get their act together regarding Elise, but tonight, I’m happy with you Idol. For once!

A final thought: it was VERY interestingly pointed out to me in my last article (Thanks Jay!) the huge disparity in the twitter followers between the contestants. So, how much will these numbers predict the results? While it’s clear to see the difference in how kids are following the performers, this IS a newer media and not every voter cares to twit or even knows how. Still, the argument could be made that those who obsess enough to follow on twitter could very well be those willing to vote 1,800 times in a night so damn… this might be exactly how the kids are asked to leave over the next few weeks from lowest numbers to highest. All that said, you’ll notice that Joshua has the least and wasn’t even Bottom 3 tonight- though next lowest DeAndre was sent off- so they’re not exactly a crystal ball haha. Let me know what you think!

Check out these Twitter follower numbers as of about 3pm today, Thursday April 5th

Colton – 155,000 followers
Philip – 140,000
Jessica – 106,000
Skylar – 56,000
Hollie – 47,000
Deandre – 47,000
Elise – 41,000
Joshua – 40,000

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