Well, last night did NOT get a ton of great reviews. Once again relying upon the over-used songbook of Queen (seriously Nigel, how much do they pay you to feature them season after season), Idol fell slightly short this Wednesday with what they offered up. I felt Josh, Hollie and even Jessica missed the mark where they’re usually seen as the “power” voices; instead the evening was owned by Elise and particularly Skylar who blew away the others. Phil looked cute and that’s all I really asked of him. As we get down to the few remaining kids and have seen expected top-contenders like Colton and Jess at the bottom over the last two weeks, it’s honestly anyone’s to win or lose at this point. Honestly, I don’t think Hollie or Josh have a prayer at top billing and doubt Elise is ever going to get the credit she deserves so this writer is predicting a Jess/Phil/Skylar finish as is but who really knows!

Tonight we get a live tapped performance by Katy Perry doing her single “Part of Me“, cute boy, barely-talented Stefano Langone of last year Idol failure fame doing his: “I’m On a Roll” and a Queen tribute bandkicks off their “Queen Extravaganza” show as they begin their cross-country tour. I’m not interested any of these performances to be honest as tribute bands always fall short of the original for me- give me a remix any day; Katy Perry has notoriously terrible live performances (albeit this was taped last night so hopefully some auto-tune has been applied) and as Stefano was only famous for staying around as long as he did because older gays (like my ex Dan) liked to see him on stage. I just wanna see who’s going home!

Top 6 Recap – Wednesday Night Performances

I posted the recap above to give you a quick reminder of some of the highs and lows from last night to put tonight’s results in context. What you won’t see in this clip however is the impossible-to-diagnose and reason reactions of the judges as they haul ass to their feet for every Josh performance and barely rave (in comparison) for stunning acts like Elise and Skylar. Oh well, let’s hope America doesn’t listen to their producer-driven and paid for reactions and “critiques” as we head into tonight Elimination episode!

The Queen Extravaganza – “Somebody to Love”

Well, click on it if you’d like, it’s not my cup of tea, though they sounded great. However, they do have the original band’s guitarist and drummer as producers and they’re about to cross America with this act so you’d hope they would be a talented troupe. I’m not sure that their attempt to raise Queen-Awareness to youth all over is gonna succeed as acts like Bieber and Gomez continue to be all that kids for the most part care about these days. Following this little tribute presentation is another abortion of a Ford commercial which I only mention to point out what I have ranted for years about in shows produced by Nigel Lythgoe as they have Joshua flirting with Hollie and continue to “in” their gay talent (we all saw josh’s second and swishy performance last night!) just to promote a christian-friendly and red state safe appearance for the viewers. It’s gross. If you’re not going to let him come out or if he doesn’t chose to then at least leave them as ambiguous- don’t force them to play straight ya jerks.

Here we go! Tonight we’re pulling the kids down two-by-two and it’s Jessica Sanchez and Elise Testone to start us off. I’ve been predicting Elise in the bottom week after week not because she isn’t amazing- and last night she without a single doubt was– but because she’s too old for the voters and too bashed by the idiot judges to get credit where she should. BAM! Jessica stays; Elise is Bottom Three. So far I’m one for one and really disappointed in America. While I didn’t think Jessica per se should have taken that spot, Elise certainly doesn’t deserve it.

Stefano Langone feat. New Boyz & Rock Mafia – “I’m On a Roll

The fact that this featuring act spells “boys” with a Z makes me hate them even before note one. Topping that to the barely-existing memories I have of this Italian semi-successful attemptee from last year (or the year before, I don’t even remember for sure and don’t care to look it up that’s how inconsequential he is): this is not gonna be a platinum hit for me I can tell. It’s pop, it’s dumb, it’s whatever: it’s not at all the kind of music I’d listen to and he’ll likely get a few hundred downloads from iTunes from this stunt and disappear back into oblivion. He’s never sounded higher pitched and it seems like he can’t find the mic to save his life. Let’s just say, if these vocals were on yesterday’s episode the judges would have torn him apart and kicked him off then and there (unless of course they came out of Josh and then they’d Standing O). I want results!

Crap. As Seacrest pulls up the next pair I’m instantly annoyed. It’s Hollie Cavanagh and Joshua Ledet. Unless the pocket mo’ is about to do a twist and tell us Skylar and Phil are both save and these two are (deservedly) in the bottom, I’m gonna get part of my prediction wrong. Joshua stays; Hollie is Bottom Three. Well, there.you.have.it. The power of Idol judges and their pushing of Josh is never more obvious than it is right at this moment. I truly struggle to understand what the judges think Josh will bring the Idol label in terms of sales as church choir songs aren’t exactly top sellers and male RnB singers need to be all about the “ladies” so … yeah … good luck with that/him!

Katy Perry – “Part of Me

Over-the-top and crazy styling, there’s certainly no lack of production value in this one! There’s troopers bombing from above and Katy’s boobs big as ever trying to sing as best she can. The original song never did very much for me and this pseudo-live performance isn’t increasing my interest in it. What I do like is some club remixes of this puppy so I absolutely appreciate her for putting it out there for us gays to vamp up and dance the night away to. While I’m not sure the message that a guy cheating on you should have you change your entire life and join the army to get your aggression on is the best one, the song is still catchy as hell so go for it.

Next up is Phil Phils and Skylar Laine and I’m thinking we’re gonna see a replay of last week as a cute smile and a sexy sound doesn’t hack it in the face of talent and performance like what our little country girl put out there Wednesday. Phil has had a place in my heart since the beginning with his humble and sweet style, but week after week where other performers -specifically like Skylar- have been adapting their sound, song choice and appeal to appease the judges and the voters, he’s been staying gruffy and disheveled. Still, it’s had me on his side this whole time but I won’t actually be surprised- especially after last week- to find out it didn’t keep him safe this time around. And we find out: Phillip stays; Skylar is Bottom Three. Holy crap, I’m blown away.

I’m hoping that in the next week and in the comments I’m sure we’ll get on here that Phil doesn’t get blamed directly for Skylar being in the bottom three just because he was brought downstage next to her. Who I would get mad at is the voters for making such INSANE decisions. I’m not sure anyone could argue the fact that last night’s show was OWNED by little Laine and even soulful Testone and yet, here we have it.

Immediately we get told Skylar stays and (seriously?) Hollie stays and finally, after weeks of barely holding on and one night after possibly her greatest performances: Elise is Sent Home. I’m not surprised in the least: though, I am pissed off. Skylar should never, ever have been in that bottom group and Elise was no one near the worst of the remaining 6. I’m shocked and annoyed to see just how much power these judges have and realize that likely this is more producer crap to create needless drama to draw out the southern vote and get Skylar fans watching the show just to keep her in as she “almost went home this week because YOU at home didn’t watch” (which is how I’m sure they’ll be running local campaigns in the lower states). I’m dejected knowing such an amazing singer has to go after such a great night but glad that it stands for more evidence of biased judging and crap vote counting by this show’s producers who clearly control every single aspect of what occurs on these two nights of television. The only solace I take is knowing that someone smart will scoop up this classic beauty and make her bigger and allow her to grow independently more than the Idol label ever could and would. What did you think?