Last night saw a lame-ass first round followed by a pretty killer second time up to bat as the now-four remaining puppets contestants sang for Nigel Lythgoe’s pleasure doing first songs of California (seriously? did Schwarzenegger think that would help with the energy crisis and call in a favour?) and then “I wish I wrote it” pieces. We saw what I would argue was the best performance Phil’s given, Josh’s top 3 for sure, a great rendition by Jessica and a robotic, lack-luster song from soon-to-be-sent-packing Hollie.

I don’t want to jinx tonight’s results too much by declaring the poorly styled blond as the official loser as my predictions have been well off in the past but so far the comments on yesterday’s review seem to support the thought that the Top 3 really do deserve to be: Phil Phillips, Joshua Ledet and Jessica Sanchez. We get to see some very sweet (even cynical me can’t deny how amazing it would be to be raised to the level of “hero” and icon in one’s own city) hometown visits for the remaining singers. Often coming from smaller places, it’s pretty adorable to see how this show can bring together a group of people who cheer for the “home team” and likely run their phone bills up voting for these kids. But, what we care about it RESULTS, so let’s click through!

Top 4 Recap – Wednesday Night Performances

First up is the ever-handsome and apparently very SICK Phil. Recently, there’s been a lot written about reported health issues with the scruffy lad who’s been experiencing a lot of pain from his kidneys, liver and suppose gallstones. I’m givin’ the boy another thumbs up for pushing through the medical concerns to constantly putting on a swaggerin’ show and keeping that too-cute smile on his face. That said, Jimmy Iovine chimes in as per usual and is in line with me with his thinking about Phil Phillips: good first song AMAZING Damian Rice cover. “Volcano” is a favourite from years and years ago while I was living in England and has stuck with me ever since and this boy did it quiet, powerful justice last night. No results offered quite yet.

Next, is Hollie Cavanagh: AKA the darkest of horses remaining in this race. Jimmy apparently got behind her first but not second performance and I can respect that as the technicality of her original piece was actually spot on, just the constant lack of connection I- and we- feel with her is gonna be her demise. Iovine rips her a new one about the abortion that was the second song though and I’m left feeling like that was the final nail in her Idol coffin. Apparently, we have to sit through Season 7’s winner before we get some real results grrrrr.

David Cook – “The Last Song I’ll Write For You”

The shocking- IMO- winner of Season 7, David Cook is a perfect example of a great performer who just ain’t gonna sell CDs. Yes, blah blah Idol can pretend that distributed amounts equals sales but we all know they pump their numbers to impress viewers when the reality is that more than most of these Idol winners aren’t exactly the chart toppers they’re promised they’ll one day be. David Cook is one of those as we watch his meh performance of a song he released today and forget it about as soon as it’s over. It’s fine, the singing’s fine, the band’s fine… it’s fine. I have nothing big to say except TAKE NOTE Idol: if you’re gonna manipulate the votes (and we know you are), do it so that a marketable singer wins. Not just the hot one or the straight one or the one who makes out with Nigel the most- but one that will succeed in the real world. Cause performing 4 years after the fact on this show shouldn’t be the biggest thing on their resume… Sorry David.

Bam, now we’re onto Joshua Ledet. A boy with even worse clothing than Hollie, he nailed it with his final song last night and had the judges pulling out their weaves they were so excited about him. Never my favourite- he screams every note and feels desperate more than he does in control in my humble opinion- I give him full credit for doing a great job Wednesday evening. Like me, Jimmy saw the weak spots in the first act but loved- of course- the second and called it his best of the season which it very well may have been. Moving to Jessica Sanchez he repeats his Josh review (and Phil for that matter) saying nah to #1 and yay to #2. I agree. STILL, we’re not allowed to know what’s going on until… wait a minute… you’re kidding me right? JENNIFER LOPEZ IS PERFORMING AGAIN!?!?

Jennifer Lopez – “Dance Again”

You’ve GOT to be kidding me. How many times has this B been allowed to take the stage this season? Like FOUR times?? Christ, she’s up there more than Seacrest and I think he sleeps behind the back up singers on a cot! I think her new boyfriend fiancee toy is dancing beside her but I don’t really care and just want this over-edited and tuned mess to be over. The song is bubble gum and a soft version of the “sista” Lopez use to be and I’m bored with the entire thing and will not be dancing to this as it does NOT show up at a club near me anytime soon.

OKAY, what’s going on with the kids? The judges reminisce boringly about the journey the contestants took to get there as the show tries to fill it’s hour plus and we hear: Jessica is Top 3; Joshua is Top 3. As we head into a break I’m quite confident that even on looks alone, my boyfriend Phil will be taking that final spot as I was only really worried about Jess losing it to the blond robot tonight. Post well-paid for commercials we find out the final spot: Phil is Top 3 which means Hollie is Sent Home. Not a huge surprise to anyone I don’t think, the teacup blondie is sent a packin’ as she pulls out “The Climb” as her swan song. I’ll give it to the girl: while the beginning of the song was off she pulled her shit together and had a graceful exit saying goodbye to each while holding it up and singing the hell outta that Mylie song. Hollie was never a bad singer or even a bad person: just not the best connection and couldn’t quite break out of that old soul woman persona. Top 3 has been chosen and next week is gonna be a doozie! Make sure to check in!!