New American Idol Season 10 Video Promos

Let the official countdown to “American Idol Season 10” begin. The following two ad spots (30 sec and 60 sec) started airing during Fox’s World Series coverage. With all the extensive changes the long-running show has undergone over the summer, I was worried the upcoming season would focus on Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler. Thankfully Nigel Lythgoe and company focused instead, on the talent. You even get to see a handful of auditioners at the end.

Both clips feature all of American Idol’s previous winners in their respective hometowns. The commercial spots reminds us all the star-making potential this show has. Without it, we would’ve never known the joys that are Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood and Jordin Sparks. You can also add plenty of other names on that list who’ve appeared on the show but never won.

Every year I look forward to “American Idol“, but in the last few years, it’s certainly lost its way. Just look at the picture above. The first six winners, love them or hate them, are memorable. I really hope the producers are true to their word and focus the show on finding the next music superstar and not about the judging drama or weekly mentors.

As the videos proclaim, “Every superstar begins with a dream”! “Who’s Next?“. My answer to that is, hopefully someone good and different. The last three winners have been slight variations of the same person. Adam Lambert definitely should’ve won his season as Crystal Bowersox hers.



Are you excited for the new season after watching the promos? Can American Idol get back on track and become the powerhouse it once was?