This week’s theme was 21st Century Songs. WTF is up with that loosey goosey theme. Oh well. With such a broad selection, the Idols should have no problem picking songs in their wheelhouse. Normally, tackling more contemporary songs can prove tricky. The more popular the hit, the harder it is to believe the authenticity of the Idol performance. Surprisingly, the majority of the singers did a solid job. There wasn’t a complete trainwreck out of the bunch.

Speaking of trainwrecks, what was up with that ridiculous group performance by Season 10′s castoffs. They’ve been voted off and had no business being back on the Idol stage. It sorta cheapens the honor, for those singers still in the competition. I wonder what Nigel Lythgoe’s thought process was for this annoying filler. Pink’s “So What” was lyrically fitting. So what if these idols are back. No one cares. LOL. If you missed the performance, I embedded it at the end of the post. Listen with caution.

Scotty McCreery

Song: Swingin’ by Leann Rimes / John Anderson

Steven: Would love him to sashay and bootscoot on stage.
Jennifer: Loves his storytelling quality in his singing.
Randy: It was safe and boring.

After watching the other Idols mocking his microphone handling skills, I found myself fixated on his microphone all night long. He really does hold it like a flute. Hilarballs. By far this was Scotty’s weakest performance. In fact, it was one of the least impressive of the night. Having said that, it probably won’t land the country crooner in the bottom three. America loves this kid. Hopefully, he’ll challenge himself and mix it up in the coming weeks. He needs to listen to Celine Dion and take chances if he wants to win this thing.

James Durbin

Song: Uprising by Muse

Steven: Crazy Good. He’s Mad Max meets Starship Troopers on Melrose.
Jennifer: Theatrically the best performance of the night.
Randy: He was unbelievable.

Every week James brings it. I wasn’t super crazy about his foray into heavy metal last week, but appreciated the risk. Tonight, he owned his song. He might’ve even sung it better than the original. Appreciated the four drummer boys that escorted him onto the stage. Gotta give him credit for doing something never done in ten seasons of Idol. I’m still on the fence between James & Casey as my man for season 10. I’d be happy with either making it to the finals.

Haley Reinhart

Song: Rolling in the Deep by Adele

Steven: Great performance. Thought it was beautiful.
Jennifer: Brought Haley to a current song everyone loves.
Randy: Chose the perfect direction for her.

During the Top 12 & 13 weeks, I was soooooo over Haley. In fact, I moaned and groaned when she made it to the Top 13 over Kendra Chantelle. I’m as surprised as anyone that I find myself rooting for the little engine that could. Somewhere along the way, Haley turned it around and started to give amazing performances (minus last week’s brain fart of “Call Me”). Tonight, she BLEW me away. Don’t get it twisted. She’s no Adele and her vocal wasn’t perfect, but Haley did a stellar job. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but Haley just might be my favorite girl of Season 10. Will wonders ever cease?

Jacob Lusk

Song: Dance with My Father by Luther Vandross

Steven: Luther Lusk.
Jennifer: Emotionally a beautiful performance.
Randy: Vocally good, but didn’t make him jump and down.

For Jacob, it was another great subdued vocal. So happy he’s eased off the vocal gymnastics a bit. Despite some technical difficulties at the beginning, he delivered a solid performance. I’m not a huge conspiracy theorist, but was the technical goof-up on purpose, to throw Jacob off his game? You never know, I could totally see Nigel doing that. Based on tonight, he should stay another week.

Casey Abrams

Song: Harder to Breathe by Maroon 5

Steven: Bleep, bleep, bleep.
Jennifer: He’s got soft lips. Loved his performance.
Randy: Loves that he takes chances and surprises every time.

I maybe a little biased but I absolutely loved it. He literally had me out of my seat grooving. He had by far the best package and he followed that up with an equally entertaining performance. With every growl and grunt, I became more enthralled. When he serenaded J.Lo at the end and kissed her on the cheek, I howled with joyful ecstasy. It was great to see Casey’s rocker side. My boy is back. Hopefully, America agrees.

Stefano Langone

Song: Closer by Ne-Yo

Steven: Good job being up all in it.
Jennifer: Got his swag on.
Randy: Proud he took his time with the lyrics.

When Seacrest teased Stefano was doing a Ne-Yo song, I was already cringing. Surprisingly, he didn’t do half bad. It wasn’t the best vocal but he didn’t embarrass himself. I’ve always thought Stefano was cute, but tonight he was smoking hot. He was oozing sex out of every bulging muscle on his body. RAWRRRRR. But this isn’t an audition for a Sean Cody video, but rather a singing competition. It’s time for him to go.

Lauren Alaina

Song: Born to Fly by Sara Evans

Steven: Anyone who doesn’t know they can fail is bound to win.
Jennifer: So much color in his voice
Randy: She doesn’t know how good she is.

Despite giving middling performances so far, Lauren has coasted based solely on early pimping by the judges and never landed in the bottom three. I like Lauren, but she’s played it safe throughout the live shows. She hasn’t given God awful performances, but hasn’t wowed either. That was pretty much the case tonight. Jimmy Iovine called it when he said she was holding back. Lauren really needs to bring it next week if she wants the title. Given it was the pimp spot, I had a hard time remembering it when she was done.

My Rankings From Best To Worst

1. Haley Rienhart (I’m as surprised as anyone)
2. James Durbin
3. Casey Abrams
4. Jacob Lusk
5. Lauren Alaina
6. Stefano Langone
7. Scotty McCreery

Bottom Three Prediction

If it was based solely on performances, Scotty would be in the bottom three. Unfortunately, the public takes other things into account. Scotty, along with James and Lauren have never landed in the bottom three. Taking that into consideration, I think Stefano and Jacob are sure things for the bottom. The third slot will either be taken by Casey or Haley, who both killed it tonight, but have proven to have smaller fanbases. In the end, I think it’ll be Stefano, Jacob and Haley occupying the stools. If I had my way, it should Scotty, Stefano and Lauren. Either way, I think Stefano’s luck has finally run out. He’s outta here.

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Idol Season 10 Castoffs Perform

As promised, here’s the trainwreck that started the show off. Thankfully, this hot mess wasn’t a sign of things to come. Steven Tyler claimed their performance would have American doubting their choice to vote these hookers off. All it did was prove, the correct seven finalists are still there. Save for Pia, who should be there instead of Stefano.