I can’t believe we’re mere weeks away from crowning American Idol Season 10′s winner. It’s insane how time flies. After watching how awesome “The Voice” was, I admit, I was a little uninterested in watching Idol this week. It’s not fair to judge an entire series based on one episode, but that’s how good it was. Everyone today was talking about “The Voice”. That being said, when Jacob, Casey, Lauren, Scotty, James and Haley took to the stage, I got into the Idol spirit. Love them or hate them, this year’s Top 6 collectively is leaps and bounds better than Season 9′s lot. With exception to Crystal Bowersox, of course, who just so happens to be performing on tonight’s results show.

This week’s theme revolved around Carole King’s songbook. At first, I was expecting to listen to a lot of songs from her “Tapestry” album. I had no idea, she was such a prolific songwriter before her iconic album. “Tapestry” was the top-selling solo album until Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” in 1982 squashed her record. Who knew? Also featured in this episode was singer/songwriter/producer, Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds. He was on deck to mentor the kids this week. Back in the day, I used to love Babyface’s slow jams. He was the king of old school R&B jams from the late 80s, early 90s. Teen rebel, Miley Cyrus, also popped up for a couple of nanoseconds to give Lauren Alaina advice. It definitely wasn’t a party in the USA. So how did the kids fare this week? Watch their performances and read my commentary below.

Jacob Lusk

Song: Oh No Not My Baby by Maxine Brown

Steven: About time he shook his tail feathers. When he struts like that, it’s magic.
Jennifer: He killed it.
Randy: Scatting was incredible.

Singing first and being paired up with James, who’s a much better singer, it’s obvious who the producers want eliminated this week. After last week’s solid performance, Jacob took a few steps back. Or should I say sashayed a few struts back. This was everything that I don’t like about Jacob’s vocal stylings. Too affected and over the top. See you in the bottom three.

Lauren Alaina

Song: Where You Lead by Carole King

Steven: She shined when her voice broke.
Jennifer: So proud of her for pushing.
Randy: Loved she came out with a vengeance

Much better than in previous weeks. Really feel she’s starting to believe in herself. Could it be too little, too late? Maybe. She really needs to find that perfect song that’ll give her an Idol moment. If she does that in the next couple of weeks, she could be a contender again.

Scotty McCreery

Song: You’ve Got a Friend by Carole King

Steven: He’s never sung better.
Jennifer: He told the story beautifully.
Randy: Great to show off his tenor. Flawless.

From the worst last week, to second best this week. I agree with the judges that it was great to hear a different octave from him. Much prefer his tenor to his baritone. Definitely one of his best performances ever on the Idol stage.

James Durbin

Song: Will You Love Me Tomorrow by The Shirelles

Steven: It’s the first song he made out with a girl with.
Jennifer: She thought it was magical.
Randy: He just might win the whole thing.

This is exactly what he needed to do after last week’s marching band spectacle. I wish he would’ve kept it stripped down like the acoustic beginning throughout his performance. I got goosebumps. I really hope he doesn’t get Daughtry’d and misses out on the finals.

Casey Abrams

Song: Hi-De-Ho by The City

Steven: He made his scalp itch. It was so good.
Jennifer: Would love to see him loosen up his legs.
Randy: Applauds him for always being different and entertaining.

Love Casey, but this was not good. It’s exactly the type of performance that got him eliminated before the judges saved him. Too growly and too indulgent. Appreciated the bluesy vibe, but there was more stylistic phrasing than actual singing. Define bottom three contender.

Haley Reinhart

Song: Beautiful by Carole King

Steven: He heard God in her voice.
Jennifer: One of the most beautiful voices in the competition.
Randy: Didn’t love the beginning, but loved the end.

Who knew my least favorite girl, would now be my favorite? Certainly not me. She wasn’t as phenomenal as last week’s Adele cover, but still one of the best of the night. Even though she had the best duet of the night, along with the pimp spot, I think she’ll still land in the bottom three. I would love for Haley to win this year. I don’t think an Idol has ever landed in the bottom three and survived so many times. Maybe Kimberley Locke from Season 2???

My Rankings From Best To Worst

1. James Durbin
2. Scotty McCreery
3. Haley Reinhart
4. Lauren Alaina
5. Casey Abrams
6. Jacob Lusk

Bottom Three Prediction

With only six contestants left, predicting the bottom three is harder. Having three of them (Lauren, Scotty, James) never sitting on the dreaded stools, also adds to the difficulty. So far this year, I’ve been pretty bang-on with my bottom three and elimination predictions. Let’s hope I keep that streak alive for this week. I’m thinking, even though Haley was solid this week, she’ll be in peril once again. Joining her will be Jacob and Casey. Once again, Lauren, James and Scotty won’t feel the heat of the firing squad. I’m so curious to see which of those three will land in the bottom first? Who’ll eventually leave this week? Both my gut and heart think it’s Jacob’s turn this week.

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Duet Performances

Personally, I have no idea what this was a 90 minute episode. Is Fox that desperate for ratings? I could’ve done without the duet performances this week. None of them were particularly exciting or memorable. Casey and Haley’s was the best of the bunch. I’ve seen all the Idols do much better collaborations during this year’s results show. Let’s hope next week, Idol trims down the performance episode to just an hour. I’m tired of all this filler. Let’s just crown this season’s winner already.