First American Idol 10 Video Promos With J.Lo & Steven Tyler

With just a month before American Idol 10 premieres, we finally have our first video promo of the new judging panel. Up until now, we’ve seen promos featuring previous Idol winners in their respective hometowns and snippets of auditions from the upcoming season. While we’ve seen still shots of the new judges behind the judging table, we haven’t seen them judge yet. And with this new video, we’ll have to wait some more.

Both video clips courtesy of E! Online, feature the judging panel listening to the auditions and giving their approval via body motions as in head bopping, smiling or other universally accepted gestures of acceptance. Not a single word is uttered from any of them. Previous video promos featured themes of “Every superstar begins with a dream! Who’s Next?”. The new video clips embrace the theme “Everyone deserves a chance“.

Well not everyone… The clips focus strictly on talented performers. Phew. Gone are those awful fame-seeking horrible singers with gimmicks. Not to say they won’t show up during the first few weeks of Idol. I’m glad the tone of the show the producers have given us so far in all their promos is about the talent and not the trainwrecks. While William Hung is still hilarious, that schtick has gotten old for several seasons. Enjoy the promos below.

With Idol Season 9 a distant memory, I’m cautiously optimistic the upcoming season will be an awesome one. The infusion of new blood will be good for the show and I love the fact they’re going back to basics and focussing on people who can actually sing. Lopez and Tyler look very comfortable behind the panel and as always Lopez looks la gorgeous. Doesn’t it look like both Tyler and her have the same colorist. Their highlights are identical.