Since I’m busy prepping a long-weekend trip away with Brian, I have a million and one things to do tonight. That being said, I’m going to try a new format for writing my elimination post- bullet form, ya’ll. No longer will I ramble (yeah right). You’re just going to get the facts with a comment here and there. PS. Just in case you were wondering, we’re flying on the Helijet to Victoria on Vancouver Island for four days. So excited. It’ll be a nice quiet and romantic trip. On with the results show.

  • Over 95 million votes were cast. The most ever for a Final 3 round. Also, it was 15 million more than last year’s finale show
  • The number of votes proves no one cared about last season’s group. I maintain Lee DeWyze is the worst winner ever. More so than Taylor Hicks and that’s saying a lot. For all of you who disagree, look at the Billboard numbers. Until Lee sells more than Taylor, I’m going to stand by this. PS. Crystal Bowersox should’ve won.
  • The Idols get to meet J.J. Abrams. So jealous. I love that man. He did Felicity, Alias and Lost. The Holy Trinity of awesomeness.
  • Abrams lends them 8mm cameras to document their hometown visits. Double jealous. I want one. Someone send me one.
  • Elle Fanning, star of Abram’s summer movie “Super 8” was in the audience.
  • Was it me or was she super annoying? Her revealing of her cousin’s crush was the most drawn out irritating thing ever. That’s saying a lot considering its an hour long results show.
  • Dakota Fanning was eerily mature for her age when she was young. She should give lil sis a few pointers. Seriously, Dakota was like an old woman in a young woman’s body. Benjamin-a Button

  • Italian group Il Volo perform first. They look like the Italian Jonas Bros or the tween Three Tenors. Did these boys get lost because they seem better suited for DWTS than Idol? I wonder if someone on Idol is managing these boys.
  • Nicole Scherzinger performed her new single, “Right There”, with 50 Cent. It was nice the other PCDs joined her and danced backup. LOL. Is it me, or is the song kinda awesome? Is it growing on you too?

Hometown Visits

Poor Haley gets nothing but rain for her hometown visit. She’s surprised there are that many people weathering the storm to see her. It’s cuz you’re awesome, Haley. Get used to it.

Scotty’s homecoming was the coolest. How endearing was it when he brokedown and cried in the backseat? Equally as touching was when he went back to the grocery store he worked at. Best moment was when Scotty was surprised on stage by Josh Turner. He’s the country singer whose song Scotty kept singing at the beginning of the season. Remember, Baby Lock Them Doors? LOL.

Lauren’s segment was very Oprah-esque. That part where she visited storm ravaged parts was so touching. I practically bawled when she met that kid who save his brother. Damn you Idol for make me misty. If I want that, I’ll flip the channel to “Grey’s Anatomy”.

The Results

Lauren, Scotty and Haley are brought to center stage. The first one advancing to the finals is… Scotty McCreery. Quel surpris, NOT. So which girl will be joining him? Drumroll please… it’s Lauren. Rienhart is voted off. The look on Haley’s face is priceless. She truly is shocked. Her exit speech was classy and heartfelt. Taking a page out of her rumored boyfriend’s book (Casey), she goes into the audience and gives a memorable exit performance. It’s fitting, for me, she sang Elton John’s “Benny and the Jets“. That’s when I started liking Haley and began rooting for her. Hopefully she’ll follow the footsteps of 3rd place finisher Eliott Yamin and not turn into a hot mess like, Nikki McKibbin.

Ladies and gentlemen, here is your American Idol Nashville Star Final 2. Not only is it an all-country showdown, but it’s the youngest finals ever. If I had to predict the final 2 from the Top 24, these two would’ve been contenders for sure. Never doubt the power of Idol producers. Whatever they want, seems to come to fruition *wink*. Who are you rooting for?

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