American Horror Story: Which Season Is Your Favorite & FX Teases Season 7 Theme

american-horror-story-seasonsJust moments after airing its season finale, American Horror Story immediately began teasing Season 7. Definitely a 180-degree turn from what the show did last time around. Both Ryan Murphy and the network remained relatively mum about the Season 6 theme until premiere night. Fake video promos were even released to trick viewers. Could this be another red herring?

The anthology’s Twitter account uploaded the below clip featuring ocean waves with the text ‘Sweet Dreams‘ written on top. Does this mean we can expect terror on the high seas? Personally, I don’t hate the idea. I can only imagine the horror stories that take place on those Carnival Cruises. Especially the gay ones 😉

With Season 6 now in the history books, it’s time to reflect on the past seasons. More importantly, how it compares with the others. Even though, I thought the finale was underwhelming and all over the place, I thoroughly enjoyed Roanoke. It was suspenseful and felt more like a horror show than recent iterations. In addition, the deaths didn’t feel like torture porn.

Based completely on my personal taste and level of enjoyment, this is how I’d rank the seasons.

  • 6. American Horror Story: Freak Show
  • 5. American Horror Story: Coven
  • 4. American Horror Story: Hotel
  • 3. American Horror Story: Roanoke
  • 2. American Horror Story: Asylum
  • 1. American Horror Story: Murder House

I actually would’ve ranked Asylum as number but I just couldn’t get past the whole alien twist. Definitely wasn’t necessary. Both Coven and Freak Show started off well, but lost their way and went off the rails midway through which brings me to my biggest critique about Murphy. I feel he loses interest halfway through a project and just goes through the motions. Don’t you agree? It’s understandable given how many shows he has on the go.

How would you rank the AHS seasons? Weigh in below.