TV TalkBack: Amazing Race Finale & Double Elimination On Celebrity Apprentice

After a busy day, I came home to four hours of television, with two hours of The Amazing Race finale and the usual two hours of Celebrity Apprentice. I know, it’s my own fault, but thankfully they’re all almost over. Rather than get into depth about what happened in a play by play for each show, I’ll briefly touch upon the overview and outcomes. Feel free to share your thoughts on the episodes below.

In The Amazing Race at the beginning of the finale, it was down to four teams. Rachel & Dave, Brendon & Rachel, Art & JJ, and Vanessa & Ralph. They found themselves in Hiroshima, Japan where they traveled by taxi, ferry, and train to get to their tasks. My favorite task in Japan was the ridiculous “Bring The Chicken Home Game” show where they had to run on a treadmill and grab rubber chickens. This was a struggle for Vanessa who already had an injured ankle, but all teams ended up finishing it. Unfortunately for Vanessa & Ralph, the didn’t make it to the final three but their had such a touch moment on the mat while talking to Phil.

After a crazy leg and forgetting to do their final Roadblock and having to go back and do it, Rachel & Dave ended up winning this season when they stepped onto the mat in Honolulu. They certainly earned it, winning eight legs of the race which his now the new record. Art & JJ came in second, and Brendon & Rachel came in third.

In Celebrity Apprentice, Lisa & Clay won the task leaving Teresa, Aubrey, and Arsenio to battle it out in The Boardroom. It was really no contest and I knew that Teresa would end up getting fired. Now at this point, I had already read that there would be a double elimination so I wasn’t sure what was going to happen next. All of a sudden, Trump calls all the competitors back in The Boardroom immediately… sh*t is about to go down for the final four.

Donald Trump says that they’d each have interviews with last year’s winner, John Rich and runner up, Marlee Matlin. Based on their recommendations, two people would be fired. Wowza – so triple elimination! After interviewing each of the candidates (and John Rich was a TOUGH interview), Trump says that Lisa Lampanelli is fired because she is not in control of her emotions. I can agree with that.

Unfortunately, the episode is To Be Continued and either Aubrey O’Day, Clay Aiken, or Arsenio Hall will be fired and the remaining two will battle it out for the title of Celebrity Apprentice. Who do you think gets fired? Who do you want to win?

  • benjamin

    AUBREY 4 THE WIN!!!!!

  • Mike

    I forgot how annoying Big Brother Rachel can be. I don’t know how how socially awkward, but o so fine Brendon doesn’t choke her out sometimes!!

    Even though I used to like Lisa, I’am glad her racist ass got fired! If you think about it, her being a RAGING bitch is what got her fired! Karma!
    Aubrey gets fired next..sad, because I would have preferred her to win. The interviewers HATED her.
    Aresenio is a douchebag and Clay bores me to sleep.
    Clay for the win!

  • zurvivor

    Dave and rachel may argue a lot but they are strong team that deserve to win.I can see why they behave like that so i was rooting for them to win from the start of the season. Glad that they beat Nick and starr annoying record holding of 7 legs win.

    The celebrity apprentice definitely have a good top 3 this season. I think Aubrey should go next. She does not have team member supporting her.