The Amazing Race 15 Episode 1 Recap: “I’ve Never Been Through Anything That Intense…Childbirth Maybe”


The Emmy Award winning family favorite reality competition started up again for it’s 15th season on Sunday, with a two hour season premiere! And, right off the bat the drop a bomb that for the first time in the history of The Amazing Race, one team will be eliminated before the first lag of the race. Ouch. As it stands, 12 teams are competing with 12 different lags in the entire game, for $1 million.

The first challenge beings right away. “Good Luck, Travel Safe, Go!” says Phil. They all run to get their instructions, which directs them to try to find one particular Tokyo license plate (where they will be going) out a wall of 1,000 of plates. The first six teams to find the plate first get a flight to Tokyo leaving at 12:45pm, while the remaining 5 teams get a flight at 1:15pm. And, the team that is last must immediately pack their bags and go home (wait…where did Tyra come from?). Sucks to be them. As I get to know the teams in this episode, I’m going to come up with team names for them so it’s easier than calling them by their real names.

The first team to complete the challlenge is Maria and Tiffany, The Poker Girls. Strategically, they’ve told everyone they work for a charity when really they are professional poker players and make a lot of money as it is. Next, are Marcy and Ron, The Oldies, followed by Meghan and Cheyne, < strong >The Lovebirds in third. I’m fairly certain that Cheyne is going to propose to Meghan at some point on this adventure. The fourth team to complete the challenge was Flight Time and The Big Easy, the ex Harlem Globetrotters. Yes, that’s what they go by. I’ll just call them Easy Time. Next up, Gary and Matt, Father and Son, The Dad & Son, and in sixth place (just making the first flight) Zev and Justin, whom I will nickname The Besties, since they are really close friends. Next up are my favorites, the hot gay brothers Sam and Dan, The HomoBros, followed by Mika and Canaan in eight, The Christians. Why? Because in confessional, Canaan says he’s Christian, then Mika says, “I’m Christian also, that will hopefully help us in the race.” Really? Ninth team to arrive is Garrett and Jessica, The Breakups, as they’ve been dating on and off for seven years and are both short tempered. The tenth team to arrive is Brian and Ericka, The Americas, considering Ericka was Miss America in 2004. Down to two remaining teams. One of them will be out of the race. Lance and Keri, The Annoyings, manage to get theirs before the Eric and Lisa, The Yogies (they teach yoga), and they’re out. I would have preferred that they stayed over The Annoyings.


When they were all at the airport, they were all so excited to all be officially in The Amazing Race now. As Marcy from The Oldies put it, “I’ve never been through anything that intense…child birth maybe…”

So, as the teams arrive in Tokyo, they have to take a cab to the next location. When they arrive, they find that they walk into a Japanese game show called “Sushi Roulette.” The Christians were the first to arrive, but the game didn’t start ’til everyone arrived. The host spins this wheel, and when it lands on the Wasabi, one of the team members has to it a huge glob of Wasabi in 2:00 minutes. If you don’t succeed, you will have to wait to get another turn. Meanwhile, there is a studio audience full of crazy Japanese fans cheering and laughing. As Justin from The Besties put it, “Nobody gets excited like Japanese people.” If it doesn’t land on the Wasabi, you have to wait your turn and keep playing until you get it. Once completed, the teams each get a colored flag and the audience has a section with 20 people that are wearing a visor that matches the respective colored flag. The teams have to escort their group through the craziness of the city (and not lose anyone) and get them to Phil. Maria from The Poker Girls didn’t eat hers in time so she’ll have to go again. (PS. The Poker Girls and the HomoBros are my favorites). Fast forward to everyone having eaten their Wasabi and escorted their group to the destination, The Poker Girls end up last, with two missing people as well. They are in tears, BUT in luck! Turns out they only get a Speed Bump and it just so happens that the challenge was a non elimination round. Thank goodness.

Now teams must travel to Vietnam, booking their flights online. Interestingly enough, The Poker Girls get recognized by a fan and now the cat’s out of the bag to the GayBros that they are not Charity workers at all. Everyone gets onto a flight. When they get to Vietnam, they find the city is flooded and they are driving through water, as two buses take them to a dock, that they find is closed, and now they have to spend the night and return there at 7:00am.

In the morning, they return and they must use boats to get to a location where they have to scoop up mud and bring it each of their respective trees to fertilize it. Meanwhile, The Poker Girls have to make the dockmaster Pho soup before they can catch up to the rest, as their speedbump for coming in last before. The next challenge requires them to return their boat and get to this field full of enclosed ducks by foot. They have to herd the ducks across the bridge, then back and into their pen within 10 minutes, otherwise they have to keep doing it. The Americas had a hard time with this, as did The Breakups. It turned out that The Breakups (Garrett & Jessica) were indeed the last ones to get to Phil, and they are eliminated from the the race.


Well, that was a lot of info. Thank goodness all the episodes aren’t two hours. Like I said, I like The GayBros and The Poker Girls, and don’t mind The Besties either. Actually, I also like The Lovebirds too because they’re really good and get along quite well. The rest of the teams annoy me in one way or another.

The Amazing Race 15 Map

  • Powow

    loving the Brothers and the Besties too!

    And the younger(?) brother who’s got the pretty pretty eyes is, well, really pretty!

  • Claire

    I love The Lovebirds!! I’ve been supporting them since the start of the show and now that they’re in the Top 3, I’m really happy for them! I hope they win the million dollars! 🙂 All the way Meghan & Cheyne! 🙂