Amanda Bynes Debuts New Look

Some people need to avoid alcohol. With others it’s narcotics. In the case of Amanda Bynes, girlfriend needs to go off the grid and step away from social media. Just in 2013, the 26-year-old actress posted a picture of Jay-Z with the caption “ugly” and told her followers that she’s taking stripping classes. Whether the latter is for fitness reasons or her decision to become an exotic dancer is anyone’s guess. The latest in the star’s descent into tragicville is debuting a brand new look.

To say her makeover is an improvement would be a complete lie. She looks older (and trashier) than she should. Bynes sports some cheap ass looking hair (please say it’s a wig), heavy make-up and pierced cheeks. That’s right, the former child star is sporting cheek bling. That must’ve hurt. If taking those stripper classes were her first step to a new career, this must be her second. She’s ready to work that pole. Her new look is a far cry from her former glamorous self. In the end, at least she’s not making news for her vehicular drama. No chances of causing a massive pile here 😉 Check out her new look below.

What do you think of Amanda’s makeover? Just playing dress up or another cry for help? Hopefully she gets her act together soon. I really liked her in Easy A, Hairspray and What A Girl Wants. Do you think Bynes will ever make a career comeback? Sound off below.

  • Raph

    She looks like Nicki Minaj…. and that’s no good

  • zurvivor

    She looks bad. I miss her old look and image.

  • rogelio

    This girl is totally following the LiLo path. Even worse, Lindsay looks like she aged 20years more than what she is, this girl looks aged and so trashy. She needs help soon before she ends up dead.

  • VanCity

    getting annoyed with these ppl that cant handle this business.

  • Ryan

    I think her “breakdown” is a farce. She has had a pretty sharp sense of humor since “All That”.

  • Rodknee

    This is hard too see. But the thing I hate is that she has gotten more attention since this breakdown started. I feel like our society eats this shit up. And if she wants attention and she keeps getting it, do you really think it’ll stop?

  • Nicki is that you?

  • thomas

    You forgot her best movie and one of the best movies of all time, SHE’S THE MAN!!!!