RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 5: Our Interview With Alyssa Edwards

I woke up yesterday in an awful mood. I was cranky, I didn’t want to go for my run, I didn’t want to go to work I was just not into it.


Now I have made it VERY clear where I stood with Alyssa from the beginning of this season, she wasn’t one of my favorites but then she grew on me and by the time she left I found myself quoting her one liners, doing the Alyssa Face in the mirror and just living for everything she was giving me on that show. We had a 20 minute interview and it is definitely in my top 5 favorite interviews ever. By the time it was over I was in a great mood.

I’m going to miss you on my TV Alyssa but because of you I now know what to say to someone when they wear too much bronzer.

GIRL, look how orange you fucking look GIRL!

Our Chat With Alyssa Edwards

  • JMC

    “Bitch, sit your ass down and shut the hell up bitch!” is one of the new definitive Drag Race quotes. I too wasn’t entirely taken with Alyssa in the beginning and I couldn’t wait to see her or Coco go home to end all the pageant nonsense but I was sad to see her leave this week. She has so much character, something lacking in so many of this seasons queens. Her style isn’t necessarily what I’d traditionally go for either but she is a very beautiful queen. Between her quirks and her quips Alyssa will be remembered and for a 47 year old queen she looks damn good, always and forever!