Alphabeat Tease New Whitney-Esque Single, “Love Sea”

A while back, Patrick introduced us to the bubbly pop sound of Alphabeat. The Danish based group took us on a “Vacation” on their first single and are now teasing us with their second single from their still to be released studio album. The group performed the track recently at a concert and along with live footage, compiled a little one minute teaser for us to enjoy. But, does it sound a little familiar?

Once you listen to the tease, there is no doubt the group was a little inspired by the late and great Whitney Houston. The song has a striking resemblance to her hit, “How Will I Know.” From the opening guitar riff to the hook of the chorus. The song is straight up 60’s game-show goodness in my opinion. It reminds of the fluff that S Club 7 brought into our lives. Songs about nothing serious with great beats and fun to sing along to. This is one of those. Give a listen to the “Love Sea” teaser below.

Alphabeat, “Love Sea”

  • Ritchard Mckie

    Sounds like kids party music.