Allison Janney Gets A Lap Dance & Chord Overstreet Reveals Celeb Crush On Ellen DeGeneres Show


Ellen DeGeneres must have male strippers on speed dial. It seems every time I tune in to her talk show, a new crop of shirtless studs are congratulating a guest for a recent engagement, wedding, pregnancy, birthday or some other random reason. I wouldn’t be surprised if Ellen congratulated someone for getting their period. Right?

On Monday’s episode, Allison Janney was the latest recipient of Ellen’s “generosity.” I have to say, out of all the ones I’ve seen, Allison appeared to have the most fun with it. She wasn’t at all embarrassed, and if anything, reveled in all the male eye candy. Girlfriend’s eyes were bugging out and her hands were touching the merchandise (extensively). Check out the clip below.

Allison Janney on Her Birthday on Ellen

Also on the show was Chord Overstreet. The Glee actor talked about Cory Monteith’s death and what he meant to him. On a lighter note, Overstreet revealed his celebrity crush is Sandra Bullock. Ellen then prompted him to ask her out on the spot. Watch Chord plead for a date with Sandra below. She once dated Ryan Gosling, so we know she’s not adverse to dating younger men. Check out the clip below.

Chord Overstreet Asks Sandra Bullock Out

  • Odetofear

    guy pouring the champagne is hella gorgeous.

  • LittleDreamer

    Allison Janney is such a lovely woman and I’m loving her on Masters of Sex.

  • David

    Are male pony tails back? Eww.