Model Behavior: Allen Walker

Do you love a strong jawline? How about some pouty kissable lips? If you answered “yes” to both of those questions, then you’re going to love this week’s featured male specimen for my “Model Behavior” series. Allen Walker is a model who’s appeared on the pages of International Jock and Abercrombie & Fitch. The 24-year-old lives in Los Angeles, pursuing both his modeling and acting career. Currently he is represented by Nous Models.

Is not difficult to see why Allen Walker is one of the hottest underwear models in the business today. With his rugged good looks and manly features, he is the picture perfect representation of the All-American jock. He even played football during his college years. From the field to in front of the lens, looks like Walker has made the transition quite seamlessly. Check out a few steamy pics of Allen after the jump.

Allen Walker Model Stats

Height: 6’2”
Suit: 42
Waist: 32
Inseam: 33
Shoe: 12.5
Hair: brown
Eyes: brown

So pensive. Penny for his thoughts and a dollar for everything else *wink*

I always find it hilarious to see what models do with garments during their photo sessions. If you’ve seen ANTM, you know what I mean.

Yum on the left, and tasty on the right.

“America The Beautiful” indeed. What so proudly we hail.

The picture on the right is just a polaroid taken at Nous’ offices. It’s just not fair…. *sigh*

Those have to be the gayest vintage shorts ever. Is it wrong that I want them. LOL.

Can’t decide if he looks better in or out of pants.

Packing a lot of heat in those Diesel underwear. If we could only harness the energy in his package, an energy crisis would never exist.

Soooooo cute. Don’t you just want to hug him and cuddle up real close.

This is my favorite pic of the bunch. Now, if only those jeans were just a tad lower. Doesn’t he know low-waisted jeans are in 😉

  • Gabriel


  • Jason

    You can tell that, if he doesn’t manscape for a few days, he’s a furry dude as well! 🙂

    In the headshot pic with the orange plaid shirt he looks vaguely like Josh Hartnett.

  • gogo


  • pscxheck2

    He definitely has that ‘look’ that will do him well in his acting career!+ Does he have a SO? Is he……… (I won’t go there!). I wonder if Singer has signed him up for a part in one of his movies? (Just ask’en).