Watch ‘Allen Gregory’ And Die… of LAUGHTER!!!

I officially have a new favorite show. In the pained hiatus during which we true tv-philes have been awaiting the return of cartoon brilliance “Archer”, there has a arisen a new shinning star onto the FOX network lineup: “Allen Gregory“. It is modern, hilarious, simply drawn and insanely well-written. Oh, and the voices… my god the voices.

Assembling a motley crew of some of the best voice actors out there, this show includes Jonah Hill of “Superbad” fame as the protagonist Allen Gregory, Will Forte and Nasim Pedrad from “Saturday Night Live”, “Party of Five” fave Lacey Chabert (clearly making up for skipping out on the role of a lifetime as Meg from “Family Guy”) and to a less exciting extent “3rd Rock From the Sun”‘s French Stewart. Iconic voices aside, it is the writing that brings this show to life. Created by Jonah Hill himself, this 22-minute cartoon will have you busting a gut from opening credits till close. Gay dads, nouveau-pauvre New York elite, condescension and racist humour out the ying yang, “Allen Gregory” can do no wrong in my eyes.

Quick synopsis: an elementary school-aged prodigy child, spoiled by a old-money father down on his monetary luck gets forced to attend public school. He’s got two gay dads (and cannot STAND the sweet, trophy wife one) and an adopted Asian sister he attempts to dump on the side of the road at any chance. Though the concept is original in nature what brings it out is the ridiculousness of its protagonist Allen Gregory. Growing up likely told that he was the centre of the universe every day of his life we see what a spoiled, smarmy rich kid gets when he brings that attitude to the “rough” (HA) life of what still looks like quite upper class public school in NY.

Just wait until Allen Gregory attempts to woe his 70 year old liver spotted Jewish principal, or as the gay dads play: “Oops dropped the towel, what’s THAT?” or as the kids perform a pro-racism play to discriminate against Mexicans (GOD that’s a good episode). There’s little sex or violence so it takes a break from some of the easier humour we’ve come to get use to on TV these days and instead pushes boundaries that ought to be pushed- I think- as we head into a century of fought for acceptance where I hope being “PC” will become moot with jokes like this in abundance.

You will hate to love all the infinitely flawed characters and definitely be hitting the rewind button more than once a viewing to make sure you actually heard that last insanely inappropriate joke right. To me, it’s as if a super sassy, pretentious gay guy in his 30s was put in the body of a straight boy and asked to re-live elementary school… we wouldn’t have patience for most of the pedantic tasks they have to endure and neither does Allen Gregory!

PLEASE ignore the voice over guy who has clearly been around since the 80s introducing failed Paulie Shore movies, and instead focus on the hilarious characters in this trailer. This is only an eighth as funny as the show in its entirety is. Pay special attention to Allen Gregory meeting his teacher for the first time: “Gina Gina Gina…”

This one gets a little confusing about a minute into it if you don’t know the back story that the elementary school is throwing a same sex dance, BUT what’s important is the Devil Wears Prada-esque opening which will have you rolling in your Gucci

  • Micheal

    Wow. I think this is one of the worst shows I’ve ever seen and can’t wait for the cancellation announcement (it’s sure to come, the ratings are miserable even with its sweet spot between the Simpsons and Family Guy) and the return of Bob’s Burgers. The show has no direction, Richard and Allen are creepy and disturbing and not at all funny like characters in the same vain such as Roger from American Dad or Stewie from Family Guy, the attempts at not being “PC” come off unfunny, lazy and have no satirical value–especially the school dance episode where the principal is foiled at her attempt to explain being gay is not a choice– and Allen Gregory is too self-aware. Besides, Jonah Hill’s voice work is lazy. I almost wonder if Jonah Hill has some “The Producers” like plan; this show is that bad to me. It’s as if Fox doesn’t want me to laugh.

    However, it’s absent form the midseason schedule so I won’t have to endure it’s existence much longer (I stopped at episode 4). Still, I’m glad someone enjoys it.

  • Lexi

    Everything Micheal said is spot on the money. Its dire and it needs to be axed as soon as possible.