Watch The First Episode of Travis Wall’s “All The Right Moves”

As a dancer, I am overjoyed that dancing and its popularity are at an all time high. With shows like So You Think You Can Dance and Dancing With The Stars paving the way, dancers have become the forefront of many other shows and movies instead of lingering in the background like we used to. It’s an exciting time for dance and now, four guys are ready to show the world just how hard you have to work to make it in this industry. Lead by Emmy-nominated choreographer and dancer Travis Wall, he and three friends have decided to band together to create a new type of dance company named, “Shaping Sound.” To document the hard work and struggle to make it work, they teamed up with the folks over at Oxygen to create a new new docu-series, “All The Right Moves.”

Joining Travis on the show is best friend, Nick Lazzarini who you may remember as the first winner of So You Think You Can Dance in the US. Alongside him are dancers Teddy Forance and Kyle Robinson. Together, the four boys live together and work to create some of the most eye catching dance pieces that I have ever seen. Their creativity and fluidity of movement is absolutely astonishing. While the show will immediately appeal to the dancing community and fans of dance, I hope others rally around to appreciate how hard the work truly is in the world of dance. Luckily for us, Oxygen has dropped the first full episode online to check out. Give it a watch below and tell us what you think in the comments.

“All The Right Moves” First Full Episode

Intrigued? Catch “All The Right Moves” on Oxygen, July 31. If you’re in Canada and can’t watch this content, head to Oxygen’s YouTube page for a ton of preview.