On a recent bout of downloading I fell across a random recommendation by some IMDB-esque site telling me to give this flick a try and it fell into the back of my catalogue for about a month until last night- when stricken with a bout of temporary insomnia I decided to give this romantic comedy a chance. Wait, did I say romantic comedy? Yeah, that’s what one might assume from the title and first 10 minutes or so, but by the end of the movie’s opening sequence, a solemnly macabre net is cast over this entire flick that remains heavy throughout until thrill and action take over by the end.

“All the Boys Love Mandy Lane” is a thriller that takes the archetype of teen-slash with hot teens, booze, a secluded ranch house and a “Ten Little Indians” knock off of characters in order of whoriest to protagonist BUT (wait for it) this movie does it very well. Searching for a YouTube clip of this flick I found out the movie has been rife with issues of production and distribution conflicts- apparently strongly due to a lack of anything resembling an all-star cast. Still, the only thing that matters to this movie- and you once you start watching it- is the gorgeballs lead actress- Amber Heard- who plays the title character Mandy Lane to perfection. Clearly a total mo, I still had a bit of a feelin’ down there every time Amber pulls out her ridiculously perfect blond hair and shows how hot girls can be sans make up. Don’t worry though- this movie isn’t just for the bi-boys out there, there’s a ton of blood and high thrill moments to propel through this well-wrought script of twists and turns.

I personally don’t like spoilers so won’t give too much away here but I will say that the story revolves around a gorgeous blond track star, in her Junior year of high school as she deals with basically everyone being in love with her. Thankfully she skips the cliché of sluting it out and snobbing the chubos and plays the rare levelheaded lead as friends start disappearing from the ranch. The points of highlight for this flick however are definitely the cinematography and the soundtrack. The trailer below showcases the daunting emo/pop used throughout the film and paired with contemporary video tricks of over-exposed dreamy sequences and blurred, desperate scenes of panic, “All the Boys” has a lot under its belt.

An easily available download that didn’t exactly splash hugely at the theatre I definitely recommend this one for anyone wanting to keep guessing until the credits roll. Offering unique insight into the revealed antagonist halfway through, the writers are smart enough to hold back whole truths until the final stab and that always rates top billing in my books. Let me know what you think!

I choose the UK trailer because they do it so much better than the Americans- so ignore the quality of the video and enjoy the well-made preview!