Alison Gold’s Chinese Food Proves Tastier Than Rebecca Black’s Friday

Back in 2011, Rebecca Black’s “Friday” was everywhere but where it counted the most… in Billboard Hot 100’s Top 40. The viral sensation peaked at No. 58. However, Glee’s cover of the annoyingly infectious track landed at No. 34. In Black’s defense though, had Billboard counted online YouTube streams as part of its calculation as they do now, I’m sure it would’ve been a Top 10 hit. After all, “Friday” has amassed over 50 million views to date.

Black’s blonde successor Alison Gold’s “Chinese Food” makes an impressive debut at No. 29 on the prestigious chart. Score another win for ARK Music Factory. Even though it only sold 1,000 downloads as of October 20, the accompanying video went viral generating over 5 million views last week. That just goes to show the power of online streaming. Don’t expect “Chinese Food” to go anywhere anytime soon. The video is now up to 10 million clicks.

Some have cited the clip for being racist, but I think they’re being overly-sensitive. The biggest offense to me is that Gold appears to like that sort of Chinese cuisine you see at the mall. Give me some authentic sh*t any day. If you’re wondering who the big panda guy is. He’s the co-founder of ARK Music, Patrice Wilson who also wrote and co-produced the track. Just in case you missed “Chinese Food” last week, check it out below. The wiping shoulder move during the first chorus is everything.

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Alison Gold – Chinese Food (Official Music Video)

  • Steve-O

    Not racist, but feel it is a bit insensitive and politically incorrect – especially the fact that Chinese takeaway is not Chinese food, and the underage girls dressed up as “Japanese” geisha….minstreling much?

  • Rob

    Too obvious

  • Michael


  • Michael

    This makes me hungry.
    Wait? Pedopanda is that you? So obvious of you to leave after doing the kid.
    Anyway she’s wearing japanese costume, not chinese. I repeat! Not chinese.
    This is such a mock to chinese food. It’s more than just a simple egg roll, dumb blonde. We have xiao long bao and dim sum. Duh!

  • justin

    this is the very definintion of racism. she grouped different asiatic cultures into one big generalization and called it chinese. being asian does not mean i am automatically chinese and why in the world is guy in the panda suit squinting while “rapping.” minstreling is a form of racism. so when did generalizing whole groups of people into one ethnic stereotype not become racism. oh wait of course its not racist if its making fun of asiatic cultures since no one gives a shit about racism towards asians.

  • sollai

    this is whats wrong with this world, i never thought i would see the day when i would choose a rebecca black song as a better art piece, man… and whats with the black-A** panda stalking that girl and making it rain? and… fingering the sauce? way too much… waaaaay tooo much.