Alicia Keys Rocks Out In “Vibe” Photo Shoot

Other than releasing a special 10-year anniversary of her “Songs in A Minor” debut CD in 2011, Alicia Keys has remained relatively quiet since getting married and having a child. The 31-year-old singer briefly returned to the spotlight with a rousing emotional performance at Whitney Houston’s funeral. Even though she doesn’t have an album to promote or release in the foreseeable future, Keys graces the cover of Vibe Magazine’s May 2012 issue.

Photographed by Jill Greenberg, Alicia looks like one bad ass mamma jamma. Along with the cover, Keys poses for a series of beautiful pictures in the accompanying fashion editorial. I love the Elvis Presley-inspired pompadour with a French braid twist. FIERCE. Also in the issue, she gives her first “real” interview, as touted by the publication. She discusses her career and attributes its success due to listening to her gut. In addition she opens up about her marriage to hip hop star Swizz Beatz.

About Trusting Herself

“What changed was maybe others’ opinions being my be-all end-all, or other people’s opinions swaying me to where I’d say, ‘Let me go with it,’ even if I felt something wasn’t right,” Alicia explains. “So that shifted, and that’s a great feeling. I trust myself now.”

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