Alicia Keys Debuts Japanese ‘Girl On Fire’ Video

The 32-year-old singer just premiered a brand new international video version of her latest hit. This one is specifically targeted to her Japanese fans. In case you were keeping count, this is Alicia Keys’ third music clip for “Girl On Fire.” There’s the regular version and one featuring a brunette Nicki Minaj.

The new clip was directed by photographer Mika Ninagawa. If you Google her work, you’ll definitely notice she has a certain style and most noticeably… a thing for flowers. Using a vibrant floral wall as a backdrop, she directs Alicia in a room filled with multicolored light changes. Given the amount of bloom, Keys might want to rename the track to “Flower on Fire.” One particular flower singes to its fiery death. Insert sad face 🙁

Don’t forget, Alicia Keys is performing at this week’s Super Bowl. Even though Beyonce and the rumored Destiny’s Child reunion have been dominating all the headlines, Keys will kick things off by singing the Star-Spangled Banner. I’m sure she’s going to slay her lip synch at the event 😉 Check out Keys’ Japanese clip below. You’ll definitely appreciate all the slick imagery.

Alicia Keys ‘Girl On Fire’ Japanese Version

What do you think of the new version? Do you think another clip was needed for Japanese audiences? What’s your favorite track from Keys’ new album? Sound off below.

  • Chris

    Snoozeville, Japan; population 1.

  • Jose

    wow, this was pure crap …Alicia, girl ….really?!?! :/

  • Rico

    ummmm what?…. was that really necessary…

  • Brayden

    I don’t know what you guys saw, but this video is great! Alicia looks lovely, and of course, Girl on Fire rocks!