Alicia Keys Debuts Her ‘Girl On Fire’ Music Video & Album Track List

Alicia Keys is definitely a girl on fire. This singer/songwriter hasn’t slowed down one bit since catching her rocket to fame and even having a baby won’t stop this mama. Her newest single, Girl On Fire is an anthem for the hard working woman out there and Alicia’s powerhouse vocals really send the song home. This past Friday, Alicia debuted the track’s stunning music video directed by Sophie Muller.

The clip showcases Keys working hard as a single mother. She struggles to keep her house clean and children entertained while being a caregiver for her mother. It doesn’t help that her deadbeat boyfriend doesn’t seem to want to help lift a finger. Thankfully, Alicia has some superpowers locked inside of her to help with some of the chores. The video isn’t anything extraordinary but it definitely helps bring the song’s message forward. The clip doesn’t feature Nicki Minaj who raps on the Inferno Remix of the track. Hopefully, we’ll see an alternate music video for that version soon.

In other exciting Alicia Keys news, the track list for her album of the same name has dropped. November 27 is when the album hits shelve. I can’t wait to give it a listen. Check out her new video and album track list below and share your thoughts.

Alicia Keys, “Girl On Fire”

Alicia Keys, “Girl On Fire” Track List

  • 1. De Novo Adagio
  • 2. Brand New Me
  • 3. When It’s All Over
  • 4. Listen 2 Ur Heart
  • 5. New Day
  • 6. Girl On Fire
  • 7. Fire We Make
  • 8. Tears Always Win
  • 9. Not Even The King
  • 10. That’s When I Know
  • 11. Limitedless
  • 12. One Thing
  • 13. 101