Alice In Wonderland: Tim Burton Style!


Update February 2010: Release Date Announced in North America: March 5th

Now, while I won’t shut my eyes and plug my ears during the big screen “Upcoming Movie” trailers, I really don’t like spoiling anticipated tv episodes or searching websites for sneak peaks at movies I’m looking forward to seeing. That being said, when I heard Tim Burton- director of such dark hits like “Corpse Bride”, “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”, “Big Fish” and “Sleepy Hollow”- was taking on the CLASSIC “Alice in Wonderland” I put away my “I like to be surprised” childish ways and hit up YouTube ASAP. (God, I hate “ASAP”… I sound like a douche from “Boiler Room”).

That aside, I realized that I’ve read that story and its sequel for about 4 different Lit. classes at UBC and written copious amounts of papers on “Lewis Carroll’s rebellion of Victorian ways” so really, the preview wasn’t exactly going to ruin the surprise of “how Alice falls down the hole.” To top it off, I even blindly called how perfect it would be if Helena Bonham Carter played the Red Queen (come on, that’s a BIT cool I got that one right!)… and Burton continued to impress with the decision to propel Anne Hathaway down her esoteric-indie-esque path and cast her as the determined but twisted White Queen. Of course, the highlight of highlights is Johnny Depp.

While the “crazed, top-hat wearing lunatic” role HAS been done by Depp while surrounded by tiny orange men, this one has such a deep-rooted story and historical allusions that you’d have to be chewing felt for years to be crazy enough to miss this… 10,000 points to the first person to get that reference 😉
Come on, there’s got to be some nerds out there- I can’t be the only one!

Here’s the official trailer: enjoy!

  • Dan

    I AM SO EXCITED!! (Definitely worthy of all-caps!!)

  • Alice in Wonderland is my ultimate (ULTIMATE!) favourite literary work on the planet. (And yes, I have a BA in English Literature so I can also relate to writing a billion papers on it…)

    I have been anticipating this one forever and can’t wait…

  • The Tim Burton’s Alice film will be the movie event of 2010 I’m sure! Can’t wait to see it either.

    Click my link if you want to see Alice Quotes – pretty cool!

  • Keith

    Oohh.. Tim Burton.. I’m guessing I’m gonna love this one!! BTW, have you seen the Tim Burton Spread for Harper’s B: October Issue.. 😀

  • Johnny Depp is very very funny and I he’s the best in the world …..his movies very special