Alexis Jordan Asks “How You Like Me Now?”

Her album may be already released across the pond, but us here in North America are still dying for some more Alexis Jordan in our lives. Girl must be popular overseas however because when I went to Amazon to try and snag a copy of the import, I was informed they are temporarily out of stock.

You may remember Alexis from her infectious summer hit Happiness which quickly became a gay anthem around pride when Dave Aude took to the studio to give her a killer remix. Her second single Good Girl fit the same style and genre and showed us that she can be queen of the dance floor.

But now a third song titled How You Like Me Now has surfaced and I must say, I am a fan. Its not anything close to her two previous singles. This jam has a bit more of an urban edge and really shows why she’s signed to Roc Nation with her R&B vocals shining through.

What do you think? Do you miss dance track Alexis or are you in to her urban style?