First Listen: Alexis Jordan “Good Girl”

One of my favorite songs of 2010 was “Happiness” by Alexis Jordan, and lucky for me she recently released her next single, “Good Girl” to kick of 2011. The dance track will be the second single from her self-titled debut album which is set to be released on Monday, February 28th (the day before my birthday!) Here are some of the lyrics from the catchy tune:

“You might mistake me for heart breaker, ’cause there’s blood on the floor / I’m hoping you will see, there’s something good in me, Never seen before / Might mistake me for a heart breaker, ’cause there’s blood on the floor / I know you’re shaking me, My heart is there for keeps, there’s an open door.”

Her first single, “Happiness,” was a huge success, entering the UK charts at #3 and the US dance charts at #1. Discovered on YouTube, the singer has sold 300,000 copies of the track. Although this one might not be as big of a hit, it’s still quite catchy and with a good music video, you never know!

Below is the full track listing for her upcoming debut LP:

    Alexis Jordan — Alexis Jordan

  • 1. Happiness
  • 2. Good Girl
  • 3. How You Like Me Now?
  • 4. Say That
  • 5. Love Mist
  • 6. Habit
  • 7. Hush Hush
  • 8. High Road
  • 9. Shout Shout
  • 10. Laying Around
  • 11. The Air That I Breathe

Pre-order the album here.