Alexis Jordan Is Back With ‘Acid Rain’ Club Track Featuring J. Cole

It’s been a minute, but Alexis Jordan is back with a hot new dance track called “Acid Rain” featuring J. Cole. Alexis Jordan’s debut single, “Happiness” was one of my favorite songs the year it came out and her follow up track, “Good Girl” I loved as well. She had a few hits after that but we didn’t really get anything new in 2012. This year, she’s off to a great start with this club anthem!

The song was produced by Stargate and written by Sia, and is dance floor-ready with a pulsating beat and catchy hook. In the chorus, Jordan sings, “It’s like acid rain / In a hurricane / Might hear your call to bring you cover / It’s a crown of thorns, leaving me torn / Might hear your call to bring me cover.” J. Cole’s verse in the song is hot as well.

Are you excited about the forecast for “Acid Rain” and more new music from Alexis Jordan in 2013? Listen to the song below and let me know what you think.

Alexis Jordan – ‘Acid Rain’ ft. J. Cole

  • Adam Dreaddy

    Song is terrible. Also, a rip off. Check out, BINGO PLAYERS “Rattle” Original mix, released in 2011.

  • Eric

    @Adam, the label bought the sample… How’s that a rip off?