Homorazzi Chats With Alexis Mateo In Fort Lauderdale – BAM!

This past weekend, Donovan and I ventured to the “Sunshine State,” covering a few different events in Fort Lauderdale. The cruise port used to be known for being the Spring Break party destination back in the day, when swimmers came to spend their time off at Fort Lauderdale Beach in front of the Swimmers Hall of Fame. Well, that’s where we were…and then, BAM! We realize that Alexis Mateo is going to be performing at one of the popular gay clubs there called Living Room, so got a hold of her and set up an interview.

While Alexis was in her dressing room preparing for her performance, we went backstage and chatted with the RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 3 finalist about at things Drag Race. In tonight’s episode, someone is returning to the race, so we asked her how she felt about that, as well as what her most difficult challenge in the race has been. Find out what she has to say about Michelle Visage and who she said her biggest competition was this season in our chat below. She was so cute trying to pronounce Homorazzi. “Echa pa lante! Halleloo! BAM!”

  • Mike

    That reporter Patrick is ADORABLE!!! just saying

  • Just-Marc

    Patrick is too cute.

  • MaLizMa

    OMG!!! …. Patrick! …
    Heaven MUST be missing an angel!!!!!

  • kevin

    Patrick is so cute

  • ali

    Fix your wigline.

  • Drey

    …I mean, seriously, too cute! *drool*
    Anyways, I liked the interview. Even though I’m team Heather, there’s something about her I can’t hate :-)!

  • Mari

    Ohmigosh, Alexis, so beautiful and so talented — I just could not be more in love! Great interview!

  • Blue

    You both are so CUTE! Good job Patrick!