Hilarious Rebuttal On “Racist White Chick’s” Viral Video On Asian Stereotypes

Let me preface this post by saying, that I enjoy a hilarious politically incorrect joke here and there, as long as its not coming from a place of hate. Asian jokes as a whole don’t bother. Heck, even when an Asian insult is thrown my way, it doesn’t even phase me. Like the word “fag“, if the best thing you can think of to insult me is a cheap racial or homophobic slur, then poor little you. I get far more offended when you say something about my personality or intelligence. As a whole, jokes on racial stereotypes usually make me laugh. Hell, I’m probably one of the few people who actually watch and enjoy NBC’s “Outsourced“.

When Alexandra Wallace videotaped a rant about Asian students at UCLA, l wonder if she thought that her video would go viral and instigate a firestorm about racial intolerance and free speech. Some are even calling out for her expulsion from the school. Take a chill pill. I’ve seen the video, and personally, wasn’t offended. I even laughed at some of her comments and especially her lame Chinese accent. In her video, Wallace aka Racist White Girl (LOL) complains about Asian students’ cell phone manners and their families visiting them at the dorms. To be fair, some of her comments are sorta true, but whatevs. Was it offensive? No. Was it a wise move? Hell, to the no. Especially considering her major is political science and the recent tragedy in Japan. But, oh well, she’s Unpolitically Blonde.

Even though the video has been taken down by Wallace from YouTube, it hasn’t stopped a few people from posting remixes, parodies and rebuttals to her video. My personal favorite is done by Korean-American David So who happens to be a stand up comedian. His ghetto pseudo-gangsta rebuttals are friggin’ funny. My personal favorites include the bit about his chins and his acronym for UCLA. Watch it below and you’ll see. You might even find yourself inappropriately laughing out loud at certain points.

David So Comedic Take on Alexandra Wallace’s Rant

For more hilarious videos by David, head over to his Official Website at http://www.davidsoentertainment.com/

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  • Darren

    A great musical response from a YouTuber:

  • Lilly

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