Let me just preface this by saying I fully acknowledge that the song is sorta heinous. That said, it’s so bad, it’s soooooooooo good. The hook is insanely catchy and just like Kylie Minogue says, you just can’t get it out of your head even after just one listen. You probably don’t recognize the name, but you’ve definitely heard Alexandra Stan’s music before. The 22-year-old Romanian pop star scored a worldwide hit with “Mr. Saxobeat” which you undoubtedly danced to at least a couple of times during Pride this year. Personally, I loved that sax-infused dance track.

For her latest single, “1.000.000” off her debut album, “Saxobeats“, Stan decided to go with an urban vibe. Correction. Gone as far urban as Euro pop could possibly go. The track boasts some lyrical rhymes by Carlprit and for her part, Alexandra dressed up in some dope Fly Girl gear Jennifer Lopez would’ve worn during her “In Living Color” days. As cheesy as all this sounds, the chorus is pure genius, infectious and fun, not to mention too cute for words. “Mili mili on!, Mili mili on! Mili mili mili on!” Trust me, it cuter heard than typed out. Check out the video below.

Alexandra Stan “1.000.000” Music Video

Gotta admit, Alexandra is one pretty cute girl in an Eastern European mail-order-bride type kinda way. There are so many things wrong with the video, yet I find myself oddly captivated by it. I can’t get enough and watched it several times in a row. Ergo this post. Perhaps it’s all the glitter that sucked me. You’ll probably want to roll in the bed of glitter as well, once you see it. Ke$ha would be totes jealous.

Alexandra Stan “Mr. Saxobeat” Music Video

Thought I’d include her breakout hit in this post as well. I guarantee you’ve heard of it. After hearing both tracks, what sound do you think Alexandra Stan should stick to? Is Romania about to get their first bona fide international pop star? Sound off below.