Alexander Ludwig Gets Punched For Scene Preparation


Photographer Tyler Shields makes his directorial debut with Final Girl. The psychological thriller stars Wes Bentley, Abigail Breslin and Alexander Ludwig.

Breslin plays a young woman being targeted by senior boys who kill blondes for no reason. Unknown to them, she’s actually a lethal weapon and turns the hunters into the hunted. It’s in select theaters now and available on iTunes.

TMZ got their sneaky hands on a behind the scenes clip where Shields lands a combination of punches on Ludwig’s rock-hard abs. Dude doesn’t even wince as he’s being pummeled. Granted it’s by Shields and not by Mike Tyson, but still. Check out the oddly sexy clip below.

  • Skovox Blitzer

    i’d pummel him but a completely different way 😉

  • J Russell

    awww really? Show me how?? lol I will be his stunt double………….”wishing” lol Bi, SB. JR