“Say cheese!” This week, I’ve decided to highlight the incredibly sexy and talented 23-year-old Alexander Cheesman, a rugby player for the London Wasps. Aside from his athletic ability, his good looks have landed him some modelling gigs, including getting featured (with little clothing on) in the Rugby’s Finest Calendar. He’s also done some AussieBum and Abercrombie & Fitch modelling as well.

The hottie studies conservation management at Oxford University and is also fluent in Spanish. He certainly made some delicious eye candy when he attended London Pride last year. He was spotted shirtless in a walk from Baker Street to Trafalgar Square through Central London. Not sure if he’s gay or just gay friendly (probably the latter), but he’s definitely welcome to come to Vancouver Pride next summer!

Hello Mr. October!

Abs-olute hotness.

Also, “grr” to those pecs and those legs.

Take a behind the scene looks at “Rugby’s Finest 2012 Calendar” (featuring Cheesman) below!