Every now and again, a picture of some sexy guy pops up and you wonder who it is. Then, you do a little research and the result blows you away. This would be one of those times for me.

I first saw this model (pictured above) as a young eighteen year old posing with his sister in a Burberry ad campaign. After that, this stud continued on the path of modeling as his sister shined in the spotlight as a leading actress in one of the best selling, most popular film series’ of all time.

In a recent photo shoot with Harry Crowder, we get a look at him all grown up and with longer hair. The model poses in a coat with fur lining, his pajamas and of course shirtless. But just which celebrity star is he related to? Find out below.

This mysterious model is Alex Watson, brother of famous sister and actress, Emma Watson. This is one photo from the Burberry shoot when Alex was only 18. Check out more photos from Alex’s shoot with Harry Crowder below.