Alex O’Loughlin’s Spread for GQ Australia

The star of CBS’ hit “Hawaii 5.0” headed back home to grace the cover of GQ Style Australia. Alex O’Loughlin, an Aussie native, shows off his smoldering good looks for a fashion editorial inside the magazine as well. It’s no wonder “Hawaii 5.0” is a hit. How can you go wrong with O’Loughlin hanging out (often shirtless) in Honolulu. Sounds like a win, win for me.

If you’re a fan of my Man Crushes, you might know that Alex was my fifth selection ever in my weekly feature. Seeing these new pics reminds me of why I crushed on him hard back in 2009. Once you check out his seductive photo spread, snapped by Robbie Fimmano, you’ll be a fan as well. Proceed with caution, because Alex will have you all hot bothered just in time for the weekend.

Showing off his sexy tattoo.

Not too built. Not too lean. Just right.

Showing off his manly chest hair while seductively playing with this mouth. Someone grab a hose and cool me down immediately.

He really likes posing with his finger near his mouth. I wonder if he sucked on a pacifier for too long as a kid. Because if he has an oral fixation, I’ve got something for him to suck on… a lollipop. Get your mind out of the gutters, boys and girls.

To check out his interview with the magazine, head over to GQ Style Australia.

Alex O’Loughlin’s GQ Australia Photo Shoot: Behind The Scenes

  • Joseph Singer

    Alex is a hotty, but when are we gonna see Scott Caan’s blondness?