Grey’s Anatomy Stud Alex Landi Talks Asian Representation & Straight Actors Playing Gay Roles

I hadn’t watched Grey’s Anatomy in years but started again for Season 15. Alex Landi, who plays the medical drama’s first ever gay male surgeon, is the reason why. His slow brewing romance with Jake Borelli’s character Dr Levi Schmitt has been adorable to watch. He’s also not awful to look at 😉

The 26-year-old actor graces the latest edition of Attitude magazine. In addition to showing off his sculpted abs, Landi shares his thoughts on straight actors playing roles and Asian under-representation on the screen. Check out a few quotes and another shot of Alex below.

On Under-Representation Of The Asian Community On Screen

“I don’t even know how to explain that. Growing up, I’d watch tons of movies and the leading men were white, traditionally they’re always white. Why can’t there be an Asian James Bond? Why can’t there be an Asian Marvel superhero? There are plenty of Asian men who can pull it off. A dream of mine is to become a Marvel superhero.”

On Straight Actors Playing Gay Roles

“As an actor, I want to do the best job I can in any role, regardless of my own personal sexuality or the character’s. I just want to do this role proud for the LGBT+ and the Asian communities. If I put in my two cents, the best actor wins. It comes down to the role breakdown…it just falls into whoever can do it the best and what the producer likes. I don’t think it necessarily has to fall into sexual identity. It falls into who can get the job done… There are discussions about transgender actors playing transgender roles, gay actors playing gay roles, and Asian actors speaking up about whitewashing simply because not all actors have equal opportunities. There isn’t a level playing ground. When roles stop being pre-defined by ethnicity and sexual orientation, that is when these discussions will no longer be at the forefront of casting decisions.”

What are you thoughts on straight actors playing gay roles? Personally, I don’t have an issue with it. Weigh in below. For more head over to