Aloe Blacc Highlights Immigrants In Acoustic Version Of Wake Me Up

No disrespect to Avicci (love him), but what truly makes “Wake Me Up” such a sensational record is due to the talent of featured singer Aloe Blacc. His mesmerizing vocals are hypnotic. The 34-year-old singer released not only an acoustic version of his hit collaboration with Avicii, but also an accompanying music video. Instead of a young girl on a journey to find her people at a rave, this one tells a tale inspired by 11 million true stories.

Directed by Alex Rivera, this alternate version gives the song a much more thoughtful and deeper meaning. Blacc’s version highlights the struggles undocumented immigrants face in America. Many of the actors featured in the clip have lived the story they portray. For more information about the director and the actors, head over to Legalize America. Meanwhile, check out Aloe’s vid below.

Aloe Blacc ‘Wake Me Up’ Acoustic Music Video