You’ll Never Guess What Alec Baldwin Earns For His Donald Trump Impression

Saturday Night Live has experienced some of its best ratings in years thanks to their coverage of the US General Election. Both Alec Baldwin and Kate McKinnon slayed with their impressions of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton respectively.

If you were shocked with the results of the election, you’ll be gobsmacked to learn how much Baldwin earns for imitating The Donald. It’s surprisingly low.

During his 30 Rock days, Baldwin reportedly earned $300,000 an episode. He revealed to the New York Times that his paycheck during this SNL season is only $1,400 an appearance. How did Lorne Michaels negotiate such a low-ball wage? And more importantly, why did Alec agree? It’s a role of a lifetime I guess.

Even though he’s earning peanuts, Baldwin stated he’ll continue to impersonate the US President-Elect. He’s already received a Critics’ Choice Award for his work and he’ll most likely earn an Emmy next year. I suppose, in this case, prestige is worth more than money.

Check out some SNL highlights below.

Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton Debate Cold Open – SNL

Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton Town Hall Debate Cold Open – SNL

Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton Third Debate Cold Open – SNL