Sexiest Lotion Commercial Ever!!!


With only one semester of German under my belt, my passing knowledge of the language isn’t enough for me to understand what the narrator is saying in this commercial.

In the end, it doesn’t matter. The model’s moisturizing routine speaks for itself. It’s 46 seconds of a hot man rubbing Aldo Vandini products all over his chiseled naked body.

It’s the sexiest lotion advert I’ve ever seen. Those Europeans have the best commercials and the most lenient standards for television. #GodBless!!! Check it out below.

aldo VANDINI – My Beautiful Time: First commercial

  • Lexor

    It’s a Commercial for Women. The Guy uses the lotion and doesn’t want to get caught by his girl-friend. So the Narrator says: “The Beauty-Series for Women.” …and further on: “In the developement of this standard-care, we have been inspired by women, in the developement of that commercial, too.” 🙂

  • Brendan Moore

    I hope they make more of these commercials for women. I will enjoy them and not be expected to buy the products since I’m not a woman. Win-Win.

  • J Russell

    Can U imagine what it would feel like applying that lotion on him, all over his body??? And not having to buy any products from the commercial?? lol Heaven!!