Album Review: Stronger With Each Tear


Slappy Happy Mary J. Blige’s latest album hit the shelves just before Christmas (December 18th to be exact) and after listening to (and loving) some other albums thoroughly, I decided to really give this one a shot yesterday. I had previously skimmed through the tracks and nothing really jumped out at me. Seemed like a dud. But I’ve now listened to the album a couple times from beginning to end, and I actually really like it.

It’s one of those albums you have to listen when you have a little more time. When you’re not in a rush – not when you’re not on the way to the gym. It’s better when you have time to listen to the lyrics and take it all in. As I started to listen to it, I started realizing that there were actually several songs that I really liked (although, there are only 12 tracks), and it was actually a great compliment to the other albums I’d been listening to. That’s not to say it doesn’t have a couple up beat tracks – there’s one with Canadian rapper Drake (everyone’s working with him these days!) that stands out in my mind and I’m sure you’ll love it too!

My Favorite Songs on the Album

3. Tonight: This is Track 1 on the CD, and luckily it starts the album off right. It’s kind of a hybrid of my other two favorites, in that it’s mellowish and upbeat at the same time. Having had my share of love games or quarrels in long term, and long distance relationships, the lyrics are totally something I can relate to. Sort of a, “things are hard” but “wait until tonight” and then we can deal with it…when we make love. Making each moment last. Making each moment worth everything that’s been sacrificed. Great song.

2. The One (Feat. Drake): This is one for the dancefloor, or one that you can listen to on the way to the gym. “Stop Looking for…I’m the One.” It’s super catchy, face paced, and I Drake’s cameo is excellent.

1. Each Tear: It’s such a great song, and anyone can relate to it. It’s, I guess you could say, a deeper, more inspirational slash emotional song. It’s about the people you care about and getting stronger – stronger with each tear, actually. About not being a victim and not being defined by your pain. It has a really good beat, with the lovely vocals of MJB. I guess this type of song is her niche, huh? “No More Drama,”….”Stronger With Each Tear”…etc.