Which Backstreet Boy Is A Backstreet Girl For Tyler Shields?

Celebrity photographer, Tyler Shields is notorious for not taking your average photo and doing something different. Remember when Glee’s Heather Morris had the photoshoot where she had a black eye or when Alex Pettyfer had a threeway? Those were Shields. A Backstreet Boy dressed as a girl and wearing a tutu definitely falls into his line of works as well.

Before I reveal which Backstreet Boy dressed up in drag, I feel that it’s necessary to send well wishes BSB Nick Carter and his family, after his 25-year-old sister Leslie Carter passed away yesterday. It must be a very difficult time for them. Nick has dedicated his upcoming BSB tour to his sister.

So do you think it’s Nick Carter as a blonde bombshell? Brian Littrell with his amazing bone structure? A.J. McLean wearing his new wife’s clothes? How about Howie Dorough? Find out below.

It’s A.J.! Captioned under the photo on TylerShields.com, it reads: “It takes a real man to be a woman. This is a photo we did in prep of AJ’s wedding which I was the minister of people laughed people cried and Connor Paolo Objected!” A.J. got married on December 17, 2011.

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    those are some awesome high heel legs