Aitor Mateo Is A Surfer Dream For KOOSS Magazine

Photo by Natalia Aguilera
On a recent trip to Hawaii, I drove by the North Shore and was in awe of the scenery. Not by the majestic waves or lush tropical landscape, but by all the sexy surfers. Seriously, it was one hot surfer after another with each being more ripped than the previous. Seriously, are there even any out of shape surfers? Naturally, when I stumbled upon this editorial, I simply had to share it with you.

Aitor Mateo shows off his beach body for the pages of KOOSS magazine. The 6’2″ stud is a surfer dream in the pics snapped by Natalia Aguilera. The things I would do to him in the back of that van 😉 Check out more photos below.

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